Veterans British League:

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club first joined the Veterans National League in 2007 and has had considerable success. The Club provides the opportunity for Veteran players (Over 40’s) of the appropriate standard to compete in this prestigious event and also provides places in teams for players from other Clubs around the country to play at the right standard based on their National Veteran ranking.

The Club achieved an amazing 4 consecutive promotions and progressed from the Veterans National League and into the Veterans British League and finally gained promotion to the Premier Division.

The competition is held over 2 weekends during the season with 6 teams in each division and 6 sets played against each team.


Veterans British League Honours:

2007    Veterans National League Div.3A    Winners                           

2008    Veterans National League Div.2A    Winners                           

2009    Veterans National League Div.1A    Winners

2010   Veterans British League Div.2A   Winners                                           

2010   Veterans British League Div.1   Winners


Veterans British League:

Teams - Season 2019/ 2020


Draycott 1   (Prem)

Mark Short

Adrian Pilgrim

Mark Green

Stephen Horsfield


Draycott 2  (Div 2B)

Mark Ramano

Maurice Newman

Tim Shepherd

Trevor Kerry 


Draycott 3 (Div 2B)

Ben Willson

Alan Cherry

Mo Shabir

Alan Cherry

Richard Aitken

Draycott 4  (Div 3A)

Ray Singh

Tim Wells

Richard Hayes

Les Baker 

Draycott 5  (Div.4A)

Brian Hallsworth

Ady Portlock

Nick Heaps 

Martin Dean









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