Women's British League:

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club runs a number of teams in the Women’s British League and has had considerable success over the last 10 years. The Club provides the opportunity for Women players of the appropriate standard to compete in this prestigious event and also provides places in team for players from other Clubs around the country to play at the right standard based on their ETTA Senior ranking.

The competition is held over 2 weekends (October & February) during the season with 6 teams in each division and 6 sets played against each team. The Club fielded only one team for a number of years but now as the Women’s British League has expanded the Club now runs three teams and includes a number of its top Junior Girls who gain valuable competition against senior players

The Women’s team were 2015 British Premier League Champions and has been runners-up in the Premier Division on 4 previous occasions and has twice competed in the European Women’s Club Cup playing against several  top European Women’s Club teams


Women’s British League Honours:                     

2005        Div.2    Winners

2013        Div.4    Winners

2016        Prem    Winners

2016        Div.1    Winners

2017        Div.1    Winners

5x R/up Women’s Premier Division

(2007, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015)                               


Teams - Season 2016/2017

XLNT Sports Draycott 1   (Prem)                                                                            

Emma Vickers

Abbie Milwain

Inta Zdanovska


XLNT Sports Draycott 2   (Div.1)

Diana Rusinova

Anna Hursey

Jane Vickers

Sarah Short


XLNT Sports Draycott 3   (Div.2)

Amy Humphreys

Bhavika Mistry

Isabelle Joubeily

Lauren Evans                 


XLNT Sports Draycott 4   (Div.5)

Shirley Gelder

Christina Wright 

Tulay Dundar        

Aimee Evans

























WBL 2015






























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