Handicap Cup Draw

Draw for the Handicap cup:

Bromley A v Hanbury B

Baggeridge or Thimblemill B vs Dudley B

Hanbury C vs Thimblemill A

Bromley C vs Thorns

Bromley E vs Hanbury A

Jims Gym vs Lees

Bromley F vs Bromley D

Bromley B vs Dudley A


Jim's Gym 0
Hanbury A 50
Bromley B 70
Thimblemill A 80
Lees 70
Bromley A 90
Hanbury B 110
Baggeridge 110
Dudley sports A 130
Thorns 190
Bromley E 200
Thimblemill B 210
Bromley C 220
Dudley B 220
Bromley F 250
Bromley D 260 (manual adjustment may be applied dependant on team)
Hanbury C 300

Reminder! Away team gets additional 10.5 points.

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