The first part of this document relates to transporting young players to local matches and events:

·       Ensure drivers are qualified. 
·       Check correct insurance cover is in place.
·       Make sure the vehicle has MOT, Road Tax etc
·       Agree travel arrangements through direct contact with a parent or guardian.   
·       Minimise the time spent with just one child in the car by arranging drop-offs carefully.
·       If possible 2 adults should travel but if this is not possible then make sure the young people travel in the back of the vehicle.
·       Obtain parental consent along with contact information – preferably using the consent form (PARENTAL-CONSENT-LETTER-TEMPLATE.pdf ) which accompanies these guidelines on the Table Tennis England website. It is appropriate for one signed form to cover a whole season.
·       If a club provides a vehicle and a regular (i.e. every week) driver, that person would require a DBS check. This is not necessary if the service is irregular and/or less frequent. In case of uncertainty advice should be sought from Table Tennis England’s Safeguarding Manager on 07507860034.
·       If parents arrange and share transport duties no DBS check would be required.

Late collection

Issues around late collection can create many problems for club officials and it is important that clubs adopt guidelines and communicate them to all parents/carers. Clubs should not be responsible for transporting young people in the event of late collection other than in the case of an emergency.

Club officials:

·       Make sure parent/carer contact details are available
·       Ensure that 2 club officials stay with the individual if possible
·       If an official is left alone then stay in an open place
·       Do not take the individual to your own home or to any other location
·       Do not send the individual home with anyone else unless you have parental consent

Whilst we all accept that sometimes emergency situations arise, all parents and carers should be made aware of the problems their late arrival can cause the club.

Missing Children

The following should be implemented if a child goes missing whilst you are at an event / match:

·       Ensure that all other children continue to be supervised appropriately while a search for the missing child is carried out.
·       Organise the remaining available responsible adults to conduct a search of the surrounding area allocating each individual to a specific area. Report back within an agreed short period of time – dependent on the size of the area being searched.
·       If the child cannot be found after the search of the immediate surroundings make a note of the circumstances in which the child has gone missing and where they were last seen and prepare a detailed description of the child along with a photograph.
·       No later than 20 minutes after the initial missing person report if the child is still missing then the lead adult reports the matter to the police.
·       Parents should be advised and reassured that everything is being done to locate the child.
·       Follow police guidance and maintain close contact with them.
·       Report the matter to the Safeguarding Manager.
·       Ensure that you advise all adults including the parents and police if at any stage if the child is found.

Further Safeguarding guidelines are available on the Table Tennis England website (www.tabletennisengland.co.uk) . If you have any further questions regarding safeguarding, please consult the leagues safeguarding or coaching officer.  


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