Cup format

The 2018/2019 cup competitions will be contested as follows:

Logan Trophy

  • All Division 1 teams
  • Top three teams in Division 2 at the halfway stage

Wallace Cup

  • All Division 3 teams
  • Bottom three teams in Division 2 at the halfway stage

Division 2 fixtures played after the halfway stage have been stripped out:


Both competitions are to be played with a handicap system.  Handicaps will be revised at the knockout stages.

The handicaps for 2018/2019 have been set as follows:

Group Stage: 

 Knockout Stage:


For instructions on how these are used and further rules, click here.


Format as follows:

  • Two round robin groups of five.
  • Two players per team per match.  Five ties are to be played each match (two singles; one doubles and reverse singles).  Each tie is played to the best-of-three sets (21-up).
  • Top two from each group to play a cross-over semi-final.
  • Groups to be decided by match wins.  In the event of a tie, the results between the teams involved will be used to determine the placings.  Countbacks between teams will be decided in the following order:
    • Match wins
    • Match score ratio (For/Against)
    • Sets ratio (For/Against)
    • Points ratio (For/Against)
  • All ties to be played in the group stage for countback purposes.
  • Knockouts to be played to a result i.e. first to win three ties.
  • Substitutions are allowed:
    • If a substitute is league or recreational member, they can play up to 6 times.
    • If a substitute is a non-member, they can play up to 3 times.
    • A substitute can only play for one team during the season.  Matches include league fixtures as well.
    • Substitutes cannot already be playing for a team in a higher division.
    • Teams should note if a player is playing in the same cup competition.
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