Club Report 190114
Aces v Thompson B
A needle match between two teams  of similar standing the league and the result proved the positions correct. Aces represented by Ian and David McAllister and Duncan Fraser were playing  Lynn Errington Shirley Gelder and Maurice Cheek.The first game was a a tremendous game between Ian Mcallister and Maurice Cheek which went the full distance and in the fifth end Maurice took it 15-13. David McAllister put up a good fight against Maurice Cheek but lost over 4 ends. Thompson B got off to a terrific start winning the first four games, but events took a different turn with Ian and Duncan taking the doubles and then Ian beating Maurice to take it back to 4-2. Lynn Herrington took the game against Duncan to restore a 3 point lead but the next two games saw David beating Shirley 3-1 and Duncan beating Maurice 3-2 which left the final game between Ian and Lynn to decide the winners on the night. All games were close but Lynn closed out the game 3- 1 to give a 6-4 result to Thompson B.
Comets v NCTT”A”
This was a table topping match in all senses with the previously unbeaten Comets taking on the Newcastle Communities team who had recently signed two exceptional players in Yi Zhou and Ji Chen who were joined by the regular  Nicholas Yuen. Comets with Colin Pritchard, Debbie Irwin and Terry Charlton were always going to struggle against the attacking prowess of the visitors and so it proved with only Colin and Terry taking their games against Nicholas Yuen to leave Comets only managing the 2 points. This should still be enough to maintain their promotion push but they may struggle to take the lead title, only time will tell

Chargers v St Johns C
Chargers have been struggling through most of the season but playing well and not getting the result, but things are slowly starting to improve and after a well deserved draw against East Boldon hopes were high against St Johns B who were missing the very promising youngster Robert Renton. Chargers represented by Barry Dingwall, John Reid and Peter Whitfield entertained Luke Steel, Chris Wold and a new promising player for St Johns, Sedat Cinar. Chris Wold beat Barry 3-0 but all games were close, but then Peter  came through against Luke using his hack hand to good effect. John Reid took Sedat all the way but fell in the last end 11-7, but then Peter brought the game to evens with a 3-1 win over Chris. The doubles were a close run affair with two games going past the deuce stage but John and Peter took the honours against Chris and Luke. Sedat beat Barry over 4 games and Luke beat John over 5 but the game was balanced again by Peter beating Sedat over 4. John took his opponent Chris to 5 ends and again was unlucky to lose out in the final end. It needed Barry to beat Luke which he did over 4 ends to give a 5-5 draw. Luke Steel voted Player of the match for his efforts to improve on every stroke and his refreshing and pleasant approach to however the game went. 

St Johns C V Desperadoes
Desperadoes were hoping to put some points on the board against the experienced St Johns by playing Erin Harrison, Max Duffin and Jack Pugh against Derek Buller, Viv Ford and David Aldridge. The match was extremely competitive and went well into the third hour of play. Max Duffin lost his first game in a close run affair against David Aldridge, not being quite able to cope with Dave’s overall power-play. Erin took Derek to 5 ends but lost out 12-10 in the last end with her normal reliable attacking strokes not being quite on song. Jack Pugh worked Viv around the table but his strong defensive play wasn’t enough to beat Viv’s aggressive play .
Max’s tactics were superb in his game against Derek by playing patiently against Derek’s solid defence until the right opportunity came along for his drives and won that game 3-0. The doubles was a remarkable game where game play was executed to perfection by the young team of Erin and Max against David and Viv and they won 3-1. David beat Jack over three ends and although Erin won her first two ends against Viv, Viv came back and in a nail biter won the next three ends.
Derek’s game against Jack was a long game with both Jack and Derek playing defensively but Derek’s experience proved too strong for the youngster. Max beat Viv over 4 ends but Erin lost the last game against David leaving Desperadoes taking one point in a 7-3 defeat and Max being player of the Match for the Desperadoes
Games this week
20/01/2014 Monday Chargers Away Lanchester
22/01/2013 Weds Aces Away St Chads
23/01/2014 Thurs Comets N Away Cram Jaguars
24/01/2014 Friday Bombers Home Silksworth
24/01/2014 Friday Desperadoes Home St Johns A

Team for Chargers is John  Reid, Barry Dingwall, Peter Whitfield
Team for Desperadoes is Oliver Turnbull Max Duffin and Aidan McKie
Also on Friday there will be two singles in the handicap cup at home
Dan Hutchinson v Jacob Helm and Dan has a 6 point start
Peter Whitfield against Dave Bissett and Peter has a 13 point start
Success for Erin at Major Tournament
Erin Harrison was competing in the inaugural 2 start tournament Bishop Auckland and was competing in a strong group containing Holly Williams, Charlotte Weatherby and Charlotte McCarthy. She got off to an excellent start and won the first game 3-0 against Charlotte McCarthy. The second was really tough she couldn’t get her attacking game going against Holly who won 3-0. She needed to win her last game against Charlotte Weatherby and started well winning the first end, but she then lost the next two by changing to a more defensive style. Erin regrouped started with a more attacking approach and won the last two ends to finish as runner up to the regional player Holly Williams.
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