Club Report 121014

Blues V Sonics  

The first game of the Durham Friendly Winter League was between local rivals, Brandon Blues and Sacriston Sonics. Sonics had Chris Jennings and debutants Niall O’Brien and Joel England. Brandon started with Abby Maddison, Lynn Reilly and Becca Harrison. A really competitive game took place with 5 games going all the way. With each Of Chris, Niall and Joel winning a game and Chris and Joel taking the doubles Sonics came away with 4 points to give a good start to the season.

Brandon A v Chargers

A really competitive game was played between two unbeaten teams. Brandon were looking to take advantage of playing at home and the extremely talented Simone Knopf with the attacking Nick Wool and the reliable Tony Taylor were taking on the improving Max Duffin, newcomer to the league Paul Salkeld and consistent peter Whitfield. Simone quickly despatched Peter 3-0 but this was matched by Max beating Nick Wool 3-0 . Tony beat Paul but the next game was a battle between Peter and Nick with Nick going 1 up then Peter coming back to take a 2-1 lead but Nick took the 4th 12-10 leaving it all on the final end which went to the wire but with nick missing 2 drives Peter won 11.9 taking the game 3-2 the doubles of Max and Peter were no match for Tony and Simone and with Simone beating Paul Brandon were 4-2 up when the game of the night took place between Tony and Max. The match went one way and then the other but eventually Max with his all round tactical play took it to 3-2 taking the match to 4-3 and giving Chargers at least one point. That was the end of Chargers night as they lost the last three going down 7-3 but coming away with a valuable point. Simone was player of the match for Brandon A.

Comets v NECA C

The talented NECA C team of Kit Robinson, Ken Lee and Nic Yuen travelled to Comets who had regulars Colin Pritchard, and Nikki and Debbie Irwin as the Comets team

Bombers v St Gabriels D

Dan Hutchinson, Nicholson and Ian McPherson were against the players who won division 3 last year but with a name change are now called St Gabriels D, with Craig Burton, Istvan Soos and Craig Hylton. With 6 games going to the full 5 ends, St Gabriels must have felt a little hard done by with only Istvan Soos winning 2 games. With Dan Hutchinson winning all, his singles and with Dan Nicholson taking the doubles ended up with player of the match but with Ian and Dan taking two each Bombers took all 4 points in an 8-2 win



Eagles v Brandon B

Barry Dingwall, Luke Dumighan and debutant Matty Hutchinson were up against John Parkin, Caroline Lee and Troy Maddison for Brandon B in a closely fought game. Barry Dingwall was player of the match with all three singles going his way but the highlights of the match were the games between the youngsters of Troy from Brandon and Luke and Matt from Eagles. All these games were tight with attacking strokes played by all players. Troy was unlucky not to win any matches but this highlights the youth policy of both clubs in bringing  talented youngsters into table tennis. With Luke winning 2 and Matty winning one Eagles took 3 points in a 6-4 victory.


Next Weeks Fixtures

Monday Comets Away Ouston B              Colin Pritchard  Debbie Irwin Nikki Irwin

Mon Eagles Away Lanchester C C 'B' Barry Dingwall Jack Pugh Oliver King

Tues Chargers Kimb Lanchester C C 'A'  Max Duffin Terry Charlton Paul Salkeld

Weds Bombers Away Mortimer C A 'B' Ian McPherson Dan Hutchinson Nigel Coe

Thurs Aces Away Thompson Insurance 'B' Waldemar Jon Mawson Duncan Fraser

Fri Desperadoes FQ East Boldon Methodists 'B' John Reid Sam Duffin Nigel Duffin

Fri Sonics FQ Draw Chris Jennings Niall O'Brien Joel England


Last Weeks Results


Aces Away St Gabriels 'B' 7 3 Waldemar Jon Mawson Duncan Fraser

Chargers Away Brandon & Byshottles  'A'  3 7 Max Duffin Peter Whitfield  Paul Salkeld

Sonics Away Blues 4 6 Chris Jennings Niall O'Brien Joel England

Bombers Kimb  St Gabriels 'D'   8 2 Ian McPherson Dan Hutchinson Dan Nicholson

Comets Kimb NECA C 2  8 Colin Pritchard Debbie Irwin Nikki Irwin

Eagles Kimb Brandon & Byshottles  'B'  6                4 Barry Dingwall Matthew Hutchinson Luke Dumighan

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