Club Report 080614

Desperadoes v Ouston B 020614

A competitive game between Ouston with Shirley Robson, Dave Nichols and Jamie Milroy and the Desperadoes with Oliver Turnbull, Max Duffin and Luke Dumighan. Shirley with her attacking style won two games and Davids all round play gave him two successes but with Max Duffin winning all his singles and supported by Olivers win over Janie Milroy the Desperadoes came away with 4 points in a 6-4 defeat but also player of the match in Max Duffin.

Club Report 080614

Aces v Mortimer             

So early in the season and the Aces are already fighting for pole position for promotion. They had to win 6-4 to take over the lead spot and with Jon Mawson, Ian Mcallister, and Waldemar Dzwonkowski they were hoping for a good result against Ian Moore Jamie Westwater and Dave Bannon. Good didn’t come into it as they blew away Mortimer with a 9-1 victory, with only Jamie Westwater scoring a point for Mortimer. It is difficult to give a player of the match between Ian and Waldemar as they both won all their singles and combined for the doubles but with Waldemar not dropping an end and destroying all the opposition he takes it again to leave him unbeaten in the league this year.


Chargers v NECA B

Chargers have had mixed fortunes this years and this was a fixture that they were looking forward to against a team with similar results. The game went according to league positions with Anna Kiwiit taking 2, John Reid 1 and Peter Whitfield 2 games against the NECA team of Chung Yan Ho taking 3 Nick Yuen taking 1 and John Gallagher combining with Chung to take the doubles. Many of the ends went well past the distance which showed the closeness of the game and the doubles also was closely fought but it gave NECA a win and a creditable draw to both teams 5-5.

East Boldon v Nomads

Nomads unfortunately were without one player when they turned up at East Boldon and so were 3 points down straightaway but that didn’t detract from a tremendous show and Geoff Sykes scored two wins against the youngsters of Boldon. Charlie Miller played well and was unlucky in his singles games and the doubles despite winning a number of ends Score 8-2 to Boldon.

Sonics v Academy

Sonics Academy 020614
A cracking game between 2 groups of talented youngsters. Haydn Williamson for Sonics, with his aggressive left hand attacking style won player of the match with his success in 3 singles and the doubles. Erin Greensmith for Academy with her consistency won two games as did Adam Hunt of Academy who used his defensive strokes well to keep the ball on the table. Callum Coleman of Academy with his aggressive play gave him one win. Jack Pugh of Sonics has a good all round game and just needs a little practise on his drives to improve on his success and Charlie Coates of Sonics in only his second competitive match ever, was very close in all games. Score 5-5, well done to all concerned

Comets v Whitley Chapel
This certainly wasn't a friendly with a match that threatened to erupt at one point. Stefan Sobell and Steve Oxley of Whitley Chapel won all their games and with Linda Pinknam wining one of hers it left Mark Walton Nikki Irwin to win one each for Comets and Nikki and Debbie Irwin to have some consolation in winning the doubles. Result 7-3 to Whitley Chapel.

Fixtures for the Coming Week

09/06/2014         Monday               Aces      Away     Ouston

09/06/2014         Monday               Chargers              Away     NESLC

09/06/2014         Monday               Comets Away     Matfen A

10/06/2014         Tuesday               Bombers              Kimblesworth    Cram Corinthians

10/06/2014         Tuesday               Nomads               Kimblesworth    Sonics

10/06/2014         Tuesday               Sonics   Away     Nomads

13/06/2014         Friday    Desperadoes     FQ          Cram Magpies


Teams for the coming Week

Aces      Away     Ouston 0              0             

Chargers              Away     NESLC   0              0              Anna Kiwitt         Peter Whitfield Barry Dingwall

Comets Away     Matfen A             0              0              Mark Walton      Nikki Irwin           Debbie Irwin

Bombers              Kimblesworth    Cram Corinthians             0              0

Nomads               Kimblesworth    Sonics   0              0              Geoff Sykes       Charlie Miller    

Sonics   Away     Nomads               0              0              Charlie Coates   Haydn Williamson            Jack Pugh

Desperadoes     FQ          Cram Magpies   0              0              Max Duffin         Luke Dumighan Oliver Turnbull

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