Club Report 030814

Club Report 030814

Nomads v Academy

Nomads finished the season in grand style with a win against Academy which cemented their 4th position in the league. With regulars Geoff Sykes winning 3 and Charlie Miller winning 2 and guest Jack Pugh adding three singles victories this was enough to give them an 8-2 victory. Jack Pugh was player of the game only dropping one end in his three matches.

Chargers v NESLC

Game postponed as NESLC are struggling for transport

Aug 12th and 19th offered at Kimblesworth.

Results This Week

Aces confirmed as Division2 Champions

Comets Kimb      Matfen A 4 6 Colin Pritchard Mark Walton Debbie Irwin

Nomads Kimb    Academy 8 2      Jack Pugh Geoff Sykes Charlie Miller

Bombers (A) Cram Corinthians   4 6 Ian McPherson Nigel Coe Lee Maher

Chargers FQ NESLC P P Peter Whitfield John Reid Tony Taylor

Games for the Coming Week

Tuesday Bombers Kimb Lanchester Ian McPherson Nigel Coe Lee Maher

Thursday Chargers (A) Cram Jaguars Barry Dingwall John Reid Terry Charlton

Friday    Comets (A) Cram Knights Colin Pritchard Nikki Irwin Debbie Irwin

Friday    Desperadoes FQ Brandon Aidan McKie Luke Dumighan Oliver Turnbull

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