Club Report 291115

Club Report 291115

Eagles v St Gabriel’s E

Eagles v St Gabs E

Eagles are on a good run at the moment having 2 wins and 1 draw in their last three games, and the youngsters turned on the performance again against a very experienced team of David Aldridge, Viv Ford and Mike Hampshire. Jack Pugh got off to an excellent start taking Viv in the first game but Luke Dumighan struggled against the consistency of David going down in 3 ends. Haydn Williamson also couldn't quite finish Mike off and lost in the final end before parity was resumed when Luke took Viv after being 2 sets to 1 down.

The doubles was a another 5 ender with Luke and Haydn winning 3-2 against David and Viv and then Jack with another 5 ender used his skill to move Mike back and forth from the table to take it 3-2. Haydn took the game of the night to defeat David using his powerful forehand drives to move David back from the tables to give Eagles a 5-2 lead. However in the last three games the only winner for Eagles was Haydn which gave the eagles a 6-4 win on the night but to show how close the match was the end scores were 21-20 to the Eagles, but it does give them 3 wins in a row and helps move them up the table.

Unionist B V Aces

Aces travelled with regulars Duncan Fraser and Jon Mawson and added Nigel Coe with Ian McAllister being unavailable.

Unionist B played from their regular squad Ray Purves, Jamie Westwater and Matty Hampton. The first three games were all 5 enders with Aces taking the initiative and going 2-1 up. The rest of games were not quite as well contested and Aces came away with a 7-3 win with Duncan Fraser taking MVP and with Jon took the doubles, Jon took one and Nigel 2 leaving Ray for Unionists with 2 and Jamie 1.

St Johns v Bombers

Bombers rotated their squad and left Dan Hutchinson out to allow Lee Maher to come in with Max Duffin and Ian McPherson against the St Johns team of Jamie Dent, and father and son combo Mark and Neil Rogers. Max used his dynamic attacking style to take all three singles games, only dropping one end in the process. Ian McPherson chipped in with a win and partnered Dan Hutchinson to a doubles win after being 2-1 down. Lee put up a good show and took games past the deuce stage but couldn't get a result leaving the league leaders Bombers with a hard fought 5-5 draw.

Desperadoes v East Boldon B
A fast paced game between Desperadoes with the steady Kevin Richardson and Nigel Duffin and the fast Sam Duffin, East Boldon had two attacking youngsters Jamie Collins and David Byers with stonewall William Walton.
Games between the youngsters were fast and exciting with speed being the main pursuit. Jamie Collins came out top winning all his games using his serve to good effect, but with Sam and Nigel taking two games each, Kevin taking a game and Kevin and Sam winning the doubles, Desperadoes edged the match 6-4

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