Club Report 080315

Club Report 080315

Handicap Cup Report

Bombers v St Gabriels C Walkover St Gabriels C Conceded

Chargers v St Gabriels B

This game showed the handicap system at its best with the Chargers team of regulars Max Duffin, Peter Whitfield and Terry Charlton against the attacking Jake Helm, one of the most consistent players in the whole league Joe Muldowney, and the reliable Syd Gooding. Max gave the Chargers a good start beating Syd convincingly in two ends but with Joe Muldowney beating Terry in two and Jake dispatching Peter easily in two, the St Gabriel’s team went 2 up. Max after beating Jake earlier in the season in the handicap cup again beat him in 2 and with Terry winning against Joe the game swung to Chargers 3-2. However the next two games went to St Gabriels, Joe beating Peter, and Jake beating Terry in a close 21-19, 21-19 match. The Chargers needed to win their next two games to progress and the game of the match was next up where defensive Peter Whitfield triumphed in an epic 3 end match with one game going to 30-28. This left the decider between Max and Joe and with Joe winning the first end it looked as if Chargers might be on their way out, but Max started playing the long game, chopping consistently to Joes backhand and not attacking until he was certain of a good topspin drive. He took the next game 22-20 and then ran out 21-15 in the final end. Chargers progress along with Bombers into the semi-finals with their 5-4 win.

George Carlyon (Silksworth b V Jack Pugh(Eagles) Handicap Cup

Played at the Sandhill Centre where some of the best players in the North east go for training on a Friday night. Jack had a 12 point start against the veteran and dependable player George Carlyon.

The first game was played cagily with no player taking any chances but with Jacks start and nothing given away, Jack ran out 21-11. The second game was tighter and George started attacking and dominating the table and took the next game 22-20. Jack was taken aside and told by his coach Dan Hutchinson to move George around the table and also vary his serve to put George at a disadvantage. This gave Jack the upper hand and he destroyed George in the third end 21-5. George wasn’t giving up and went back to his original game and looked like taking the end, but Jack put in in a killer serve and a long smash right to the end of the table to take the match 3-1 overall.

Aces v Brandon A Handicap Cup

With a place in the semis this was a tense affair between two local rivals. Aces with Ian McAllister, Duncan Fraser and Jon Mawson  were up against runaway third division leaders Brandon represented by the talented Simone Knopf, reliable John Spencer and just back from South Africa Henry Davies.

The handicaps worked in in Aces favours and they steadily worked through the evening breaking down the attacking power of Simone, and the defensive qualities of John and Henry and won the first five games making the rest of the games meaningless.

The only Brandon player to win a game was Simone with Aces running out 8-1 winners to set up a semi-final game against fellow Sacriston team Bombers.

Handicap Cup Update

Draw for the Team semis to be played on March 24 and 25

Bombers v Aces

Chargers v Lanchester A

With three teams in the semis this is a real coup for the club and a great chance to showcase the talent that is being developed from a small Durham pit village


Jack Pugh(Eagles) plays either Ian McAllister (Aces) or Max Duffin(Chargers) in the quarters while Matt Greenwood(Desperadoes) is down to play Joe Muldowney (St Gabriels B)

Last Weeks Results

Bombers Kimb St Gabriels 'C' (Cup) 9-0 Conceded                            

Chargers Kimb St Gabriels 'B' (cup) 5-4 Max Duffin Peter Whitfield Terry Charlton

Comets Kimb Matfen C 2 8 Colin Pritchard Debbie Irwin Nikki Irwin

Desperadoes Away Lanchester C C 'A'   0-10 Conceded

Aces FQ Brandon & Byshottles 'A' 8-1 Ian McAllister Jon Mawson Duncan Fraser


Next Weeks Fixtures

Mon Chargers Away Lanchester C C 'B' Max Duffin Peter Whitfield Terry Charlton

Tues Bombers Kimb St Gabriels 'C' Lee Maher Dan Hutchinson Nigel Coe

Tuesday Comets Kimb Whitley Chapel Colin Pritchard Debbie Irwin Nikki Irwin

Tues Eagles Kimb Brandon & Byshottles  'A' Luke Dumighan Aidan McKie Haydn Williamson

Thurs Desperadoes Away St Gabriels E John Reid Sam Duffin Nigel Duffin

Fri Aces FQ St John 'A' Waldemar Jon Mawson Duncan Fraser

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