Club Report 160815

Club Report 160815

The Summer league is virtually finished with all teams but one having completed their fixtures, only one game to go for Bombers who have Ouston to play on Monday August 17th.

Aces have had a tough season with one of their best players leaving at the beginning of the season but when they have drafted in the youngsters they have performed creditably, but may have not done enough to avoid relegation.  

Bombers have had a good season but by a freak of fixtures, lost the opportunity of being in the promotion race at the end because of other team’s cancellations. The youth policy has definitely worked for Sacriston here with some fantastic performances from the team.

Comets came runners up in Division 4 against some very competitive teams in the league but had no chance of catching the Cramlington Corinthians who dropped very few points in their quest for glory.

Chargers had a tough season, they had some good results and a few individual performances but unfortunately will probably be relegated.

The Desperadoes also had a tough season but as they were used to blood brand new players to the league, can only be congratulated for completing the season as one of the friendliest teams around.

Individual successes will go to Max Duffin, Peter Smallcombe and Dan Hutchinson who had a tremendous season in the second division and also preformed remarkably well when called upon for the Aces.

Comets had their 4 squad players in the top 12 of their league, but the winning team took the top three positions.

Desperadoes had John Reid in the top 10 in the 5th division and Michael Lishman just outside the top 10.

Next Weeks Only Fixture

Mon Bombers A Ouston A Dan Hutchinson Max Duffin Peter Smallcombe

Last Weeks Fixtures

Chargers H 0 -  10 Cr Cor Jack Pugh Dennis Jennings Haydn Williamson

Comets H 7 - 3 Cr Jags Colin Pritchard Matt Greenwood Debbie Irwin

Aces H 6 - 4 Seaburn Dene Jon Mawson Dan Hutchinson Peter Smallcombe

All players wishing to play in the coming Sunderland and Northumbria league winter league need to renew their Table Tennis England membership.

Could they please confirm with Peter Whitfield, when they have done this so they can be registered as players for the club.

The club has received funding to generate more table tennis in Kimblesworth Community and so is using the spare Tuesdays between seasons as an opportunity to encourage new people to play at Kimblesworth, so sessions will be held at Kimblesworth on Tuesday starting Tuesday August 18th until the start of the Winter season. You also need to practise with the new plastic ball which are compulsory from now.


These sessions will be free and will start at 6.30 every Tuesday, club members are welcome to take advantage of these sessions, as it is possible to set up three tables, but obviously any new attendees will get priority. Please come along or even better encourage friends to come along particularly if you can’t make the Wednesday club sessions.


Very Important Notice

Match fees are now due.

We have to pay for hall hire as we use the halls and will have to pay for them even between seasons and so we desperately need your match fees to keep the club solvent. League registration fees are due for Sunderland which will be in the region of £600 and will certainly take the club’s bank balance  close to zero. If anyone is unsure what they owe please contact the treasurer who will also supply bank details, to make it easier to pay. (names and photos will go up in the post office of all miscreants)

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