Club Report 260317

Club Report 260317

Fire v Eagles

As the season moves towards its close, players become less available so Eagles drafted in the inexperienced Toni and Guy Wong to join Harry Veitch whose reputation is increasing as a vastly improving player against a Fire team of experienced Bill McClennan,  the attacking Caroline Lee and Brandon’s reliable head coach Paul Henderson. Both Toni and Guy put up good performances but couldn’t convert effort into points whereas Harry showed what a talent he is by taking 2 matches giving two valuable points to Eagles in an 8-2 defeat.

Comets v Brandon Air

It’s no wonder that Brandon Air are League winners, before the last 2 games left of the season, with their dynamic team of veteran Paul Dale mentoring the two dynamic youngsters of Jamie Lupton and Lee Tinkler.  Comets could supply no real opposition with their team of Colin Pritchard, Jack Pugh(only recently moved up from the Eagles) and Peter Whitfield. With both Jamie and Lee desperate to get another MVP they weren’t giving anything away and played at 100% taking all their games in 3 ends.

Only Jack and Colin gave Paul a little trouble with Colin taking one end and Jack taking two ends to deuce before losing out. 10 - 0 to Air and all the best for the first division.

This week is the final week of the season, but there are outstanding fixtures

Durham CA c Aces

Thompson B V Bombers

Comets v  Silksworth A









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