Handicap Cup Semi finals and final

Durham had two players left in the competition but unfortunately they were drawn against each other and their initial score was playing from scratch and because they play for the same team for Durham they have a great friendship and played in a superb sporting manner, complimenting each others shots and also admitting faults when not spotted by the umpire. Harry Veitch in his languid easy playing style eventually overcame Oliver Wilkinson who played his usual high tempo attacking game over 3 ends.

The other semi final was between the 1st division player David Byers who had to give 10 points start to Howard McCain. The 10 point start was too much for David, who. although troubled Howard constantly with his spin serves and his aggressive forehand drives proved too much for David to overcome and Howard won 3-1.

This set up the final between Howard and Harry with the Durham player having a 6 point start.

Howard was now starting to tire a little bit whereas Harry was eager to get the game over and even though Howard could win as many points in rallies as Harry again he was troubles by the exceptional serves by Harry and couldn’t manage to pull back the start at any time during the match and Harry ran out the victor 3-0.

The trophy was presented by the League President Ken Taylor and also the league Chair Chris Blake.

Mention must  be made of the organisation of the final after the period of chaos that Table Tennis had gone through and Durham City would personally like to thank in particular Dave Bissett who worked so hard to ensure this competition was finished, before the next one gets started.

As a footnote, both Harry and Olly will be featuring in the final of the team handicap which at the moment is scheduled for Friday October 9th at the Beacon of Light against Lanchester A. With the talent of the these two youngsters, it is hoped another trophy will be on its way to Durham.

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