Evesham Table Tennis League AGM - 3rd June 2014


Agenda for the Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at Wallace House at 7.30pm

1.Present and apologies

2. Minutes of the previous AGM

3. Matters arising

4. Report of Executive Committee

5. Treasurer’s report

6. Determination of fines and fees

7. Coaching report

8. Website

9. Any other reports

10. Proposed rule changes

11. Election of officers

12. A.O.B.

Proposals for Evesham Table Tennis AGM

Trophies to be awarded to winners of all our events with certificates issued to runners up if we can't afford trophies for all events with the

extra £100 we have gained due to only using the TableTennis365 website

New event for the championships - Interdivisional Doubles, Div 1 player has to team up with Div 2 player

Could entice more Div 2 players to enter main championships


Andrew Taylor

Proposal for new rule to be considered at the AGM

Any team postponing a match shall have a point deducted from the teams overall accumulated points. The only exceptions to this rule will be (1) when a venue is unavailable and (2) where roads to the venue are impassable due to snow or floods.

Proposed by J Mytton, seconded by G Collings

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