EDTTA Website Report 2013 - 2014

This season was a particularly eventful, yet positive year for our online presence. We began the season utilising EveshamTableTennis.co.uk for the fourth consecutive year. The website registered record-breaking viewing figures, and, with the exception of the Christmas period, was never a week out of date - which, considering I spent the academic year teaching in a Parisian university, is an impressive feat. At the end of the season, upon the realisation that our hosting will expire at the end of the forthcoming July, I conversed with Lynda and dispersed a survey via electronic communication to all the players of the league. The amount of responses were disappointing, yet the results were as I expected - an almost clear 50/50 usage split between ETT and its 365 counterpart. These results did however, indicate an almost unanimous desire for the league to adopt one solitary website. After careful consideration and reflection, and numerous discussions with both Lynda and Andrew, a decision was made. As you may have noticed, for those who have recently attempted to access ETT, the outcome was that we would progress employing solely the ETTA 365 website. The intention is that I will [hopefully] continue to assume my current role as webmaster, updating and uploading information onto 365. For convenience reasons, Andrew will maintain inputting his own divisional data. My goal is to completely revolutionise the 365 website over the next season, and transform it from being a fairly mundane, and monotonous data viewing entity, [which was expressed in the feedback from the survey] into a much more vibrant, instructive and valuable resource (within the confines of the 365 program).  Some quick examples are; banners on every page, better text formatting to make it less bland, continuity between everything, especially the division 1 and 2 match sheets, in order to make it seem more professional, coaching supplements, and full social media integration. I want EDTTA to have the best website, both informatively, and visually, in the area.

I’d like to finish by briefly talking about the social media aspect of our website / online presence, which, I believe will play a fundamental role next season and countless seasons that come after it. Firstly, I have set up a YouTube account, and as you can see in ‘Fig 2’, I’ve began uploading videos to it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I finally broke through this year. Uploading videos is a fairly lengthy and tedious assignment because I am eliminating let’s, unheard banter, and the perpetual picking up of the ball. Also, I am affixing the score into the bottom left corner. Hopefully, you can gauge to some extent the prolonged undertaking that the editing entails. [Via fig 2]. Finally, ‘Fig 3’ is our homepage on both the Twitter and Facebook account I’ve set up. Again, you can notice the uninterruptedness that flows throughout both. Both incur absolutely no cost to the league, yet offer an easy and effective way of reaching not only league players, or players from other leagues, but attracting non-players into the league. Facebook is an excellent way of providing downloads, events, news, photos etc with players, and twitter excels in constant updates, with can be forwarded directly to players’ mobiles or tablets, and also it’s brilliant at connecting us with the Evesham community and sporting organisations. Over the past 2 years, we’ve gained nearly 400 followers on twitter, and have a tweetreach of nearly 20,000 people. I can’t go into too much detail right now, but I’m happy to discuss social media with anyone after the meeting or via email. If you use twitter, facebook, or youtube, please look us up!

Written by Luke Moffat [For AGM]

Author: via Evesham Table Tennis League
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