Bridle Cup Draw available

John Shearman has provided the Bridle Cup Draw. Draw Chart 2014-15.xlsx and John will shortly send out playing info such as handicaps.

For convenience the first round draw is listed below, with Home team first as usual. Formally the responsibility is on the Home team to offer 3 dates, but we encourage both teams to work as quickly as possible to arrange the fixtures,

Our apologies for the delay.

First round fixtures Bridle Cup 2014-15

Ottery C v Ottery A

Wingfield C v Tornadoes

Cyclones v Coaver F

NSC v W Exe C

Coaver E v Wingfield E

Eddies v Whirlwinds

Coaver C v W Exe D

Wingfield B v Wingfield A

Moreton v Exmouth B 

W Exe G v Wingfield D

Coaver D v Wingfield F 

Okehampton v W Exe E

W Exe B v Exmouth A 

Coaver G v Ottery B

W Exe A v W Exe F 

Hurricanes v Coaver A

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