Updated Bridle Cup handicaps and playing system

Handicaps for the 2014-15 playing season are now available at Bridle Handicaps 2014-15.xlsx  (see sheet 6 of the spreadsheet).

As you may recall, we gave temporary authorization to play using the 2013 handicaps pending the availability of the new handicaps. Matches played on the old handicaps will of course stand as played.

However from now on the new handicaps should be used.

The current Bridle handicap system is based on playing 3 legs to 11 and then adding the handicaps on to total points.This playing system is the same as used in 2013 (so the 2013 forms can still be used).

Forms are:

Ne BridleCupProcedures2013.docx ExampleCard.pdf Card2014.pdf BridleCupRules2013.docx

Thanks again for your patience


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