Consultation on match format for response by Bank Holiday Mon 25th May
 Dear members

The committee has agreed to launch a consultation on match formats. We know that there are various views about possible changes, and we want to know the balance of opinion in the league.

This consultation survey is not binding but will help inform decisions of the league. We will announce the overall results and the committee's proposals for next steps, if any (for instance a possible Special General Meeting).

We request all members to complete the following survey and return it to Steve Derbyshire as soon as possible, and by Mon 25th May at the latest. Please do so by e-mail (to or alternatively by post to 77 Collins Road, Exeter EX4 5DE) if you can. We will make provision for those not on e-mail. We would also like to hear responses on behalf of juniors and from newer players, as well as old hands in the league.

Thank you all for giving your views.

Penny Perry  (Chair) and Steve Derbyshire (Secretary)


Please read the Summary below of arguments for and against change, and answer questions 1-3, taking all points into consideration as you see fit.

1. Ideally I would like league matches on average to finish around

    (a) 9.30pm (b) 10pm (c) 10.30pm (d) 11pm

    (e) No preference

2. I would like the league to

   (a) keep the 12-set format (i.e. 3x3 singles + 3 doubles)

   (b) reduce to 11 sets

   (c) reduce to 10 sets

   (d) No preference

3. If we decided to shorten the match format we should    

   (a) Reduce the doubles

   (b) Reconsider the singles format also if possible

   (c) No preference

4. (Optional) You may also add brief comments to your response if you wish.


To assist members in considering the arguments, we have prepared a summary of what we see as the main points raised (and questions arising from each). We ask all to recognize that there are two sides to this debate. (Penny Perry and Steve Derbyshire)

1. Arguments for change to match format

* The EDTTL is very unusual in having such a long match format

   (most leagues play 9 singles and 1 doubles)

* Long match format raises difficulties for even the keenest juniors

   - how general is this view? how much difference would shortening the format make?

* Long match format is also difficult for players who have to go to work next day

   - how general is this view?

* The league needs to be attractive to new players, including some juniors and players in their 20s-30s, and not just veterans or retired people.

  - so how do we do this?

2. Arguments for keeping the present match format

* Players who travel from outside Exeter like to play a full 12 sets

    - how general is this view?

* Playing three doubles is popular

    - how general is this view and does it justify the longer matches?

* There is no guarantee that changes would bring in large numbers of juniors

   - but surely we do need some in the main league?

* Timekeeping in the present format could be improved

   - but we have tried before..?

3. Other points of info

* The TT365 system supports a range of match formats, including, 10, 11 or 12.

* To address concerns about the timing of changes, if this survey shows sufficient support we would aim to call a Special General Meeting, probably in late June.

* We are also seeking to develop some junior competitions but the main issue here is whether the best juniors can/should progress through the main league

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