Finals Night Thursday 6 April 2017 Coaver 7pm

The Annual Championships first stage (thanks to Mike Kavanagh for organizing) has set up an intriguing Finals Night, featuring a wide range of ages in the respective finals. As well as these events played on the night, there will also be presentations of League trophies both to seniors and to juniors.

Amongst many intriguing matches, Lara Gimbuta will make her first Finals Night appearance in the mixed doubles, alongside Dawid Gawron and against Naomi Jackson and Jon Cheung. In contrast, the Haskell brothers are comparative "veterans" and are now seriously chasing silverware. In their way stand Messrs. Gawron, Harries, Gibbs and Hugh. Excellent matches are also in prospect between the contrasting styles of Naomi and Penny, and between team-mates Phil Thompson and John Shearman.

The venue will be open from 6pm or earlier. Please there ready for play to start promptly at 7pm.

Programme outline

  1. Whitton Cup Semi-Final 1: George Haskell v Dawid Gawron
  2. Whitton Cup Semi-Final 2: Edward Haskell v Rory Harries
  3. Lionel Kerslake Cups for Mixed Doubles: Naomi Jackson/Jon Cheung v Dawid Gawron/Lara Gimbuta
  4. Len Suter Cup for Veterans' Singles: Dennis Gibbs v Mike Hugh
  5. Sanford Cup for Men other than Div 1: Phil Thompson v John Shearman
  7. Festival Cups for Men's Doubles: Edward Haskell/George Haskell v Dennis Gibbs/Mike Hugh
  8. Wilkins Cup for Ladies' Singles: Naomi Jackson v Penny Perry
  9. Whitton Cup for Men's Singles (Final): winners of the semi-finals played earlier

League and junior trophies will be presented between events.

We will also present the following trophies:

Ladies doubles (played to completion at Okehampton)

  • Winners: Naomi Jackson and Jackie Whitehorn
  • Runners-up: Penny Perry and Julie Byrne

Creber Cup (Ladies other than Div 1; played to completion at Okehampton)

  • Winner: Julie Byrne
  • Runner-up: Jackie Whitehorn

Keith Ponting Shield for Outstanding Contribution

  • to be announced



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