TT365 Player Ranking Lists available

For the interest of members, and potentially for further uses, we have now enabled the display of the player ranking lists produced by the TT365 system (see "Ranking" tab above).

This is an accumulated points ranking system, of a kind used in many other sports. In simple terms, you gain or lose points for a win or loss, taking into account the relative ratings of yourself and your opponent. 

Other Devon leagues have already displayed their player rankings, and the full County list can be seen on the County TTA website Please note that the list does not precisely correspond to the "league eligibility" list and there are various reasons why players may be eligible but not yet appear (or vice versa).

Please also note that at present this is distinct from our Reserve Ranking list, but over time we may consider how to use it further. We would encourage clubs to consider the TT365 lists as a guide to proposed Reserve Rankings.

Ahead of the display, we have been monitoring the ranking lists, and they seem to be generally our best available guide. Whilst no system is perfect (and of course there is always some uncertainty about new players)  this system is better than averages in the way that it takes into account the standard of the opponents played.

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