Player consultation on possible Promotion and Relegation system

In the entry process for season 2018-19, the committee said that we intended to introduce a Promotion/Relegation system for the League (taking effect from the end of this season) subject to consultation.

This is to invite player members to take part in that consultation. Although the consultation is not formally binding, and the committee has authority to take the relevant decisions,  we are very keen to canvas views, including from those who have no strong preference.


In the past, our League has decided the Composition of Divisions (i.e. which team plays in which Division) based on a Selection Meeting. This means that the committee uses its judgment about playing strength, and to some extent any preferences expressed by the teams.

Many members have asked us to adopt instead  a Promotion/Relegation system. This would mean that the Composition of Divisions is decided "automatically" based on the outcome of the previous season, as is common in many sports.

Last year the committee set up a working group which outlined a possible Promotion/Relegation system, taking into account experience of local tennis leagues and so on. There are of course detailed questions for the committee to decide, but we think the main questions to members are: (a) whether or not to move to a Promotion/Relegation system and (b) if so, how many teams should normally go up and down.

Link to survey

Please follow the link

to the survey, which asks you to indicate your preference (if any) in relation to these questions. The survey can be completed in 5 minutes. Please complete the survey even if you have no strong views - it is useful for us to know that. The survey asks for name and membership number but no passwords are required. Results will be aggregated so that the committee and others will not know individual responses.

From membership records we believe that the overwhelming majority of our membership (>95%) have the computer access needed to complete this survey online. However in the obvious cases where people do not, we request that team-mates offer to submit responses.

We will close the survey on Mon 19 November, so please submit your responses by then.

many thanks



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