Grecians B

The League committee has reviewed the position of Grecians B in Div 3.

Due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances, the team has been unable to fulfil fixtures at a level which is beyond what the League can allow.

There has been a clear risk of distortion to major outcomes, with some teams gaining walkovers, and others not. The League will therefore act as necessary to protect major outcomes, including all trophy awards.

The details of implementation under tt365 are being studied by the relevant Officers including Divisional Secretaries. It appears likely that major outcomes can be protected by limited interventions, thus recognising and recording the efforts of all the opposing team players in the matches played. However, if necessary manual recalculations will be made.

The League will also further discuss issues arising, and lessons for future seasons to avoid any recurrence, including improved guidance to clubs.

We are aware that the club responded to the League encouragement to enter extra teams,  bringing in junior and other new players, and its team difficulties have been considered in that  context. The League understands the need to support new teams, to the benefit of our whole community, as well as protecting the interests of others.

Author: via Exeter Table Tennis League
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