Match Report

On the coldest night of the year the previously undefeated Coaver and Ottery served up some hot stuff. So hot that we managed to break 3 balls and Tim nearly broke his thumb going for an extra big forehand !

Star of the night, again, was Kev who overcame the pocket dynamo that is Mark by just seemingly getting everything back with something on every shot. Mark was too quick for Gibbs, and his last leg against Jon was faultless, including a point, where Jon had not realised that he had got a shot back and shouted out, and while he was apologising for that, Mark, unperturbed, hit a winner past him!

Shot of the night was tied between a flying backhand from Jon and an almost contemptuous backhand  from Kev in the doubles against a serve. Point of the night was a rally between Kev and Tim that seemed to have been won by both players twice before Tim won it for, unfortunately for him, only one point scored!

The only thing cold about the night was the ice pack on Tim's thumb! A great result for Coaver but no time for a festive drink, Doh!

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