Match Report

 You would've thought that with 9 matches being 3 straight it would be an early finish followed by a Christmas drink but no ,,,,, doh! Just the one match going to 5, with Jon and Dennis taking the 100% doubles record off Dawid & Phil, 14-12 in the last leg. This wasn't the longest match of the night though, as the two star performers of the night, Kevin & Dawid dished up an epic 4 set feast of table tennis that on reflection was nearly 45 minutes long and perhaps could've gone into expedite! Now that would've been interesting!
 I have run out of superlatives for Kevin, his style must be one of the most unique that the Exeter League has seen, but he also has such great mental strength at critical points to play the right shot. I find myself saying" Well played Kev" so many times that  I even sometimes call Jon, Kev by mistake!! Dawid had comfortably beaten myself and Jon but just couldn't consistently get past Kevin's varied returns. Dawid though, wins the shot of the night with any one of a dozen beautiful backhands. Ironically his best one was the first point of the last doubles, right after his game with Kevin proving that its so much easier to hit winners at love all than 10 all! Dawid and Gavin gained some recompense by taking the 100% record off Kev and Jon. Dawid is a chef, and if he cooks like he plays  all I can say is it must be worth eating! Phil had the block of the night against a full blown Jon forehand although I'm not sure he knew much about it! Merry Christmas everyone!
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