Match Report

Dean Sully is a new addition to our league this year and what a player he is! A left handed, old style looper who generates prodigious spin and looks to get this in behind his equally spinny serve. Jon had to raise his game and served really cleverly and played the critical points well to beat Dean. Dean was too good for Dennis and the first leg against Kevin he showed how hard and accurately he could hit the ball. Slowly Kev started changing the amount of spin he was putting on the returns, floating some as opposed to chopping, and the doubts began to appear in Dean's mind. After taking the 2nd leg with a well executed backhand hit Kev started to get the extra ball back, and although there was not much in it, took the match in 4. Julie Byrne has improved so much in the short time she has been playing and loves the fast open game. She won good points against all the opponents and when she develops her tactical game will be a force to be reckoned with. There was only 1 double as the D team only had 2 players and Julie decided to play the weaker pairing of Gibbs and Nicholls! Doh! Maybe another tactical error. Finally I'd like to say get well soon to Rod Smith, who has done well to keep his team going this season whilst not being able to play himself for the first time in nearly 50 years.

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