Match Report


 Match report by Bob Landberger


 Wingfield C collected their third 7-5 victory in the space of 12 days on Monday evening, in another close encounter with Okehampton C. Young Lauren Loosemore was the away team’s star performer as she collected her fourth maximum of the season, but she withstood a stern test from Peter Holland, and whilst Bob Landberger didn’t get quite as close, he did manage to take a leg from her.
Despite the recent excellent form of Louis Wilshire, it was his turn to stand aside for the home team and let the “old guard” of Holland, Landberger and Mike Ware do battle in the singles. However, Louis was drafted in to shore up the doubles, and a decisive move it proved to be as the home team’s maximum in the doubles sets cancelled out the one achieved earlier by Lauren. 
Enrique Cancer Berroya was taken to beyond 10-10 in one leg by both Ware and Landberger, but whereas he proved too good for them and emerged the victor in three close legs on both occasions, the wiles of Holland, now seemingly recovered from his cold-induced indisposition, eventually proved too much as Peter simply wore him down. Enrique joins a long and distinguished group of players in the Division, going back over several decades, who know exactly how he feels after having the will to live ground out of him by Peter’s relentless defence. 
John Squire was carrying an ankle injury which did him no favours as his mobility was clearly impeded throughout, but he still managed to take a leg in each of his singles. Wingfield never led the match until the end of the ninth leg, but then they won the tenth as well to put them 6-4 ahead and from then on were able to hold on to secure the win in the final doubles of the evening.

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