Match Report

 Match report by Bob Landberger


Having drawn at the Riverside against the D team a fortnight earlier, Wingfield C collected a big home win at the expense of West Exe E. The scoreline was not a fair reflection of the match, as three sets went the distance and another three went to four.


Veronica Gallardo Busto, playing up a division, began the away team’s assault with a comfortable three-straight win over Louis Wilshire, who never really got out of the blocks. But from then on, it was downhill all the way as Wingfield piled on the pressure. There was spirited resistance from Silvia Ferre, who had only arrived from Barcelona earlier in the morning, as she took 2-1 leads against both Peter Holland and Bob Landberger, but the experience of the grumpy old men won through, somehow. Ed Damanskas, a leg and 2-8 down against Peter Holland, went for broke and exploded into life with some blistering, unstoppable forehand drives, which saw him win both the second and third legs 11-9 to take another 2-1 lead, but by the fourth, both luck and energy had deserted him and Holland ran out the worthy winner in the fifth. 


Maximums for Holland and Landberger, with Wilshire having to take a rare back seat in this performance, but a good all-round team win. 

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