Match Report

Coaver A fielded the old  Denbury Demons side that last played together during the 14/15 season against Coaver D, as Shaun Gibbs played his first Exeter game in four seasons . Shaun was the only Coaver A player not to have trouble with Steve Gibbings who defended well and came in with his backhand hit at every opportunity. In fact Steve was unlucky not to go two up against Kevin before normal service was restored. Talking of service, Mike Davis was slowly reading Kevin's serve by the end of the third leg, taking great delight in getting two consecutive serves back ! A tough night for Mike who never gave up and possibly umpired three matches as well !The Coaver boys all wore different Newton Abbot Table Tennis Club shirts and the Gibbs boys will be trying to read Kevin's serves when they play against each other in the Torbay League next week.

   cheers Dennis
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