Match Report

A high quality match, even though only two games weren't three straight. Rory again showed why he is the Exeter Champion, by taking a maximum, including taking the unbeaten records of both Kevin and Dean. He also came back from 2-1 and 9-5 down in the 4th against Gibbs who was hitting well on the night but then served off! DOH!!! Rory is Mr Consistent and you have to win the point, sometimes three times against him. This was well illustrated in the 2nd leg v Dean where he got back 3 big winners before finishing the point with his trademark sweeping backhand down the line, whoosh! Yan was unlucky not to take a leg after 5 deuce games during the match, and he definitely hit the hardest shots of the night, including one that hit the back wall and came back so fast I had to check it didn't hit Kev's bat! Not sure if Giles' tactics helped Yan or not but they are always entertaining to watch! Good doubles play from the Coaver A boys meant that they were well pleased with the final match result.

  cheers Dennis
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