Match Report

I don't normally report on away games, but this match was such an incredible one that I felt that I should ! An epic match that finished at 11:20! 6 matches going to 5 legs, and although we won 12-0 it would've been 7-5 if best of 3 had been used! Mike was the unluckiest player( he said' bottler', his words not mine!) missing out on a total of 9 match points!, 3 against Dennis and 6 against Jon. He had played so well to get to that stage, soaking up the attacks from mid range and then counter hitting wide backhands. Kevin N tweaked something in his back during the first game but still managed to adapt his game to come through the night unscathed , except the injury.  I want to also applaud the talent of Kevin 'Fingers' Finnimore, whose playing style has already included conventional  attacking, defending with long pimples and then short pimples and now incredibly with penhold, including a reverse backhand loop! His only problem, was that the way he holds his bat, his fingers sometimes get in the way, leading to him shouting out 'Fingers! Sadly missed Molly, would've loved watching this game and the great sportsmanship and banter it created! Next time I have a drink with Mike I will buy him a bottle of something!

  many thanks Dennis
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