Match Report

Another enjoyable high class encounter at a lovely and warm Coaver. Having contested a draw in the first half this would've been a lot closer if Mike Hugh had been available but work commitments prevented this. What a team Okehampton could have next season with Lauren 13 and Mari 14, already high in the averages. Mari got the 2 games for Oke with intelligent use of her bat and an ever improving forehand which was in devastating form against the League's ace retriever Kevin. Both Kevin and Dennis were at a loss to get Mari back from the table and when they did Mari scrambled and fought for every point. Dean was the P.O.M though as he blocked against Mari really well before he unleashed his ultra spinny forehand, and all this without getting down to his shorts ( although he did take his hat off!) Andrew did hit some big shots, but they were in the knock up and, I thought, also a silly one long after a net had been called! To be fair Gibbs also hit one of his hardest of the night in the early practice with Kev and mishit it so badly that it whacked Lauren's dad Mike in the face! Sorry Mike!
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