Senior League 2018-19 Week 14

Division 1 

The 3 leading sides of the top flight of Doric Insurance sponsored leagues earned comfortable victories this week.

Whistlers B therefore held onto their 4 point cushion courtesy of their 9-1 rout of bottom placed side Whistlers A. The result could have been closer, however Dawn Morgan needed to retire at 9-9 in the opening game of her first match of the evening against Matthew Casey, handing the league leaders 3 wins via walkover. Casey and just 2 days reserved Capelles Open Singles champion Lawrence Stacey won their other singles matches over Ellis Tomlin and Sam Clark to make sure of the win. Ryan Gilson added a hard fought 5 set win over Sam Clark where he needed to save numerous match points in a 4th end which he pinched 16-14. He was unable to go unbeaten however, as Tomlin came through in 4 sets during their encounter. Gilson teamed with Casey to win the doubles clash over Tomlin and Clark in 4 sets.

Lions A continue to chase and earned a 7-3 win over 5th placed side Whistlers C this week. Ryan Bichard, Jamie Ferbrache and reserve Jez Powell all defeated Mark Pipet and Charlotte Casey in singles action to make sure of the result. Bichard and Ferbrache also combined to edge Joshua Stacey and Casey 12-10 in the 5th end of the important doubles clash. Stacey defeated all of the Lions players on the night, but he was tested firmly by Powell, who went down in 5 sets after a well contested match.

Lions B are officially in 3rd place, but do have the same amount of points as their A side. They were also 7-3 winners this week, 4th placed side Lions C the defeated outfit. Phil Ogier was in good form for the victors courtesy of his trio of singles wins over Paul Hainsworth, Andy Gill and Corey Brouard. The former clash against Hainsworth was the closest, but Ogier was always in control of the decisive 5th end and came through comfortably. Dan Collenette picked up further singles wins for the victorious side over Gill and Brouard, but he needed to dig very deep against Gill, overturning a 7-1 deficit in the deciding game to come through. 2nd Division reserve Andy Ferbrache was a welcome last minute stand-in and he gained an impressive 5 set win over Brouard, coming back from 2-0 down in the process. Ogier and Collenette combined well to defeat Gill and Brouard in straight sets in the doubles fixture. Hainsworth overcame Collenette in 4 sets and Ferbrache in straight sets in the other matches.

Division 2

Whistlers D are now 3 points ahead of their nearest rivals, Lions D and 4 points ahead of Lions E, however both Lions sides have a game in hand which will be made up next week when the Whistlers side does not have a match on Thursday. 

The leaders ran out 8-2 winners over Lions F this week. Kay Chivers was unbeaten in her singles matches against Andy Ferbrache, Steve Potter and Sue Ferbrache. Keith Opie added wins over Potter and Sue, but lost to Andy in 5 sets. Ben Sharp defeated Sue and Andy, but lost to Potter in 5 sets. Chivers and Opie won the doubles over Potter and Andy in straight sets. 

Lions D were emphatic 10-0 winners over Lions G this week. Tim Le Page, Carl Le Tissier and Steve Ozanne all defeated Nye Matthew, George Eker and Dave Finn in singles action. Le Tissier and Ozanne also combined to win the doubles over Matthew and Eker in straight sets. 

Lions E did not have a match this week, but have 2 next week, the same as Lions D. Their matches will be pivotal towards the outcome of the title as they are facing both Whistlers D and Lions D. 

Division 3 

St Pauls B are still 5 points clear at the top after their 7-3 win over early season leaders and now 3rd placed side Lions H. Craig Dunning once more proved to be the difference maker and he won all of his singles matches over Edward Rowe, Oscar Pearson and reserve Ken Tucknott. John Wills added wins over Tucknott and Pearson, whilst Derek Carter overcame Tucknott. The doubles was won by Dunning and Carter over Rowe and Pearson in straight sets. 

Division 4

League leaders Lions K lost 6-4 to their L side, who are in 3rd place in the table and saw their lead over Whistlers I reduce to 2 points. Young Erin Vaudin was the catalyst for the victory due to her unbeaten evening which saw impressive singles wins over Val Guilbert, James Le Tissier and reserve Val Le Messurier. Rose Powell added wins over Le Messurier and Guilbert and combined well with Vaudin to win the pivotal doubles clash over Guilbert and Le Tissier in straight sets.
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