Senior League 2018-19 Week 25

The 2018/19 season of the Doric Insurance sponsored senior leagues reached their climax this week.

Division 1 

With the Whistlers B side of Lawrence Stacey, Matthew Casey and Ryan Gilson having already sealed the title last week, due to their re-arranged clash with Lions B, the only thing left to play for was the runners-up spot.

Lions A managed to sneak this on games difference over Lions B due to their final week 8-2 win against the side at the foot of the table, Whistlers A. Ben Foss and Ryan Bichard each finished the season in style courtesy of wins over Dawn Morgan, Ellis Tomlin and reserve Ian Fitchet. Despite those wins, each needed the full 5 sets to overcome Morgan. Jamie Ferbrache added wins over Tomlin and Fitchet, however we was defeated by Morgan in 4 sets. Morgan and Tomlin picked up the doubles rubber over Bichard and Ferbrache in 4 sets.

The other Division 1 fixture saw 5th placed side Whistlers C earn a narrow 6-4 win over 4th placed side Lions C. Josh Stacey and Mark Pipet each came through against Andy Gill and Corey Brouard in singles action, whilst reserve Martin Sarre picked up a good 4 set win over Brouard. The doubles rubber proved important and it was won by Stacey and Sarre over Gill and Brouard in straight sets. Despite the loss for his side, Paul Hainsworth ended his season strongly with an unbeaten evening. He needed to battle hard to come past Pipet in a high quality 5 set encounter and also defeated Sarre in straight sets. His best win though came against Stacey where he battled back from 2-1 down to defeat the Division 1 averages runner-up in 5 sets. Gill battled past Sarre in 5 sets in the other Lions victory on the night.

Division 2

It was a case of what could have been for runners-up Whistlers D in the final fixture of the season. The team of Kay Chivers, Keith Opie and Ben Sharp inflicted a 6-4 defeat on champions Lions D, however the Lions side consisting of Carl Le Tissier, Steve Ozanne and Tim Le Page took the title by a single point. The highlight of the fixture was a 4 set win for Le Tissier over Division 2 averages runner-up Chivers. Sharp also picked up an excellent 5 set win over Le Page. 

Division 3

The thing to watch out for in the 3rd Division was whether Craig Dunning from champions St Pauls B could complete an unbeaten season of singles action. He answered this emphatically during his sides 6-4 win over runners-up Ravenscroft Panthers D. He defeated Rob Vile, Mick Ingoruille and Mark Windsor on the night and all without dropping a set. 

Division 4 

Max Burrows from champions Whistlers I had claimed the Division 4 averages irrespective of his results this week, however the runners-up spot was hotly contested and a total of 3 players were in the running. Val Guilbert from Lions K and Jayden Tucknott from Whistlers K were in the hot seat as each would be level runners-up if they won their 3 singles matches. Andy Le Page from Whistlers I needed to win his 3 and also rely upon both losing 1 match. In the end it was young Tucknott who took it due his trio of singles wins against Karen Blondel, reserve Bert Enevoldsen and finally Rose Powell, whom he edged past in 5 sets. Guilbert ended up just falling short due to her straight sets loss to Leah Moore. 

In addition to the awarding of the Divisional winners and runners-up in both leagues and individual averages following conclusion of action on Wednesday and Thursday, the recently started 'Players Player' awards were announced. A summary of all winners is below; 

Division 1 
Winners: Whistlers B (Lawrence Stacey, Matthew Casey, Ryan Gilson)
Runners-upLions A (Ben Foss, Ryan Bichard, Jamie Ferbrache)
Averages winnerLawrence Stacey
Runner-upJosh Stacey
Players' Player of the YearDan Collenette
Division 2 
Winners: Lions D (Tim Le Page, Carl Le Tissier, Steve Ozanne)
Runners-upWhistlers D (Kay Chivers, Keith Opie, Ben Sharp)
Averages winnerJez Powell
Runner-upKay Chivers
Players' Player of the YearPaula Le Ber
Division 3
Winners: St Pauls B (Craig Dunning, Brian Le Cras, Derek Carter, John Wills)
Runners-upRavenscroft Panthers D (Mick Ingrouille, Mark Windsor, Rob Vile)
Averages winnerCraig Dunning
Runner-upStuart Sarre
Players' Player of the YearOscar Pearson
Division 4
Winners: Whistlers I (Max Burrows, Andy Le Page, Joe Le Page)
Runners-upLions K (Val Guilbert, Diane Le Page, James Le Tissier)
Averages winnerMax Burrows
Runner-upJayden Tucknott
Players' Player of the Year

Max Burrows

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