Presentation Evening

The presentation of trophies was held on Wednesday 12th April at the Blues Club.

Competition                                             Winner                                         Runner Up

Winter League 2016/17                         Blues Club Beacons                   Gladstone House Batmen

Individual Singles Competition            Tom Lovely                                  Kevan Birkett

Consolation Singles Competition        Brian Reed                                   Steven Hudson

Individual Senior Competition             Tom Lovely                                  Josh Croft

Individual Junior Competition              Joe Raisborough                         Sam Paine

Veteran Singles Competition               Dave Mason                                 Kevan Birkett

Hard Bat Competition                           Mark Raisborough                      Kevan Birkett

Handicap Singles Competition            Rob Bunton                                  Sharron McClung

Draw Doubles Competition                  Josh Croft / Dave Mason           Martin Sanderson / Kevan Birkett

Partnered Doubles Competition         Tom Lovely / Josh Croft             Steve Mason / Rob Bunton

Ron Lambert Trophy                             David Brumpton

Calcutta Cup 2016/17                            Gladstone House Batmen        Blues Club Beacons



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