Summer League - Championships - Results

Summer League Team and Individual Competitions awards were presented on Thursday 22/08/19.

Team Bravo won this year's Summer League with Team Alpha & Team Delta as joint runners-up.

Team Bravo          Team Alpha          Team Delta

J Croft                    J Colley                   S Mason

T Lovely                B Reed                    R Bunton

D Shelley              P Cooper               

A Scott


Individual Competitions                        Winner                                         Runner Up

Individual Singles Competition            Tom Lovely                                  Robert Bunton

Consolation Singles Competition        Josh Croft                                     Dave Mason

Veteran Singles Competition               Jon Colley                                      Martin Sanderson

Hard Bat Competition                           Steve Mason                                Robert Bunton

Handicap Singles Competition            Robert Bunton                             Dave Mason

Draw Doubles Competition                 Tom Lovely / Dave Mason          Jon Colley / Steve Mason

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