Bristol Veterans 1 Star - Sunday Nov 6th 2016

3rd Bristol 1 Star Veterans Rating Tournament




The 3rd Bristol 1 Star Veterans Rating Tournament took place on Sunday November 6th at SGS College (Wise Campus) Bristol Academy of Sport, Stoke Gifford Bristol.

The tournament attracted an entry of 88 men and 10 women there were 4 scratches from the men and 1 from the women. The men were placed in 11 bands of 8 and the women in 1 band of 10.  Competitors were ranked from the current Table Tennis England Veterans rating list.

There were successful results from Bristol league players, one of the outstanding matches of the tournament was the band 1 clash between Gloucestershire’s Darren Griffin and Bristol’s Martin Gunn to decide the winner of Band 1 both unbeaten in their previous 6 matches. The first game went to Martin 11-6, game two to Darren 17-15, third game to Darren 14-12, fourth game to Martin 11-5, fifth game to Martin 11-6.

Men’s Band 2 Bristol’s David Reeves was unbeaten in 7 matches to take the Band 2 title Shropshire’s Miroslaw Sonnenfeld was runner-up.  Mike Hugh from Devon won band 3 with Sammy Bekele from Surrey as runner-up.

Men’s Band 4 was won by Bristol’s David Hadley making his first appearance in a Veteran’s Rating tournament unbeaten in 7 matches Tony Issaac from Staffordshire was runner-up.  Men’s Band 5 was another success for Devon with Mike Kiff winning with Hampshire’s Cameron Brealey runner-up.

Men’s Band 6 went to Bristol’s Mike Bishop with Cheshire’s Tim Vaughan runner-up.  Men’s Band 7 was another Bristol win by Mark Kinlocke with Shropshire’s Darek Zawada runner-up

 Men’s Band 8 was a win for former Hungarian International Josef Balogh returning to Table Tennis after 8 year absence, Stephen Smith from Somerset was runner-up.  Men’s Band 9 was another Bristol win by Richard Solly unbeaten in 7 matches Pawel Lipiec from Shropshire was runner-up.

Men’s Band 10 was won by Devon’s Clive Banham unbeaten in 7 matches Vincent Corbin from Kent was runner-up.  The final Men’s Band 11 was won by Wiltshire’s Jasonz Papier unbeaten in 7 matches Bristol’s Piers Partridge was runner-up.

There were 10 entries for the women reduced to 9 with the withdrawal of top seed Michele Reeves through illness.  The winner of a very long band each playing 8 matches was Lynne Trussell from Sussex runner-up was Natalie Riley from Staffordshire.

A tournament enjoyed by all the players in a format they like playing. 

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