Gloucester Table Tennis Association

Annual General Meeting

The Farmer’s Club

Thursday 14th May 2015

8.00 pm




Committee members: Ann Barnes; Lee Bruton, Richard Johnson, Steve Parsons, Derek Pigott, Andy Taylor, Gary Tyndall


Association members: Clare Bell; Brian Cullis; Bryn Davis; Rob Deeley; Jo Duncan; George Evans; Trevor Henry; Janie Kirby; Allan Lardner; Nigel Meredith; Dave Metcalfe; Kevin Oxlade; Alan Perratt; Agustin Romero; Norman Saunders; Graham Taylor; Chris Varley; Stewart Wheeler; Alistair Wood



Apologies for absence: Charles Campbell; Dave Eaton; Darren Griffin; Pete Humble



Clubs not represented: none



Introduction: Norman Saunders, the President of the Association, began by welcoming everybody to the meeting; an annual event which goes back to 1928 (with the exception of the war years).



Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.



Matters Arising:

-       new trophies (see AOB of last year’s minutes) had been purchased for finals night

-       the novice event had been introduced successfully

-       the Warner Shield (see AOB) had been cancelled

-       the new ball (see AOB) would be discussed later.



Chairman’s Report:

        Lee thanked everyone for helping him through the first year of the job. The season had been a successful one, with almost all games played. Darren had regained his Open Singles title. Next year, the league would use TableTennis365 as their website



General Secretary’s Report:

          The longer season, allowing more games, had generally been popular.

        The Juniors had done well, and the GTTC was thriving; much of the credit for this was down to Gary.

          Finals Night had gone well.

        Thanks were expressed to Andy Taylor for his hard work over 14 years on the committee, and to Ali, for her help with the handbook. Ann Barnes was thanked for her willingness to take this over.



Treasurer’s Report:

          (insert report)



Match Secretary’s Report:

          Andy passed on Ali’s thanks for the GTTA award.


        This season 34 teams had played in 5 divisions, the same as last year. Many of the divisions had been very competitive, with close matches between teams at either end of the table.


        172 players had taken part, 12 up on last year. Many younger players were improving quickly.


        The change to Rule 5b had made it easier to postpone games, which had caused some problems which might need to be addressed.


        Some scorecards were still being filled in incorrectly.


        Overall, Andy expressed his thanks to all the players for their participation and help.



Coaching/Development Report:

          This had gone well; the County Junior League had been won by Gloucester by 1 point.


          Graham Slack had retired from coaching; Nick Davidson had taken over at Waterwells.


        Coaching was taking place by John Fraser in several schools, which would hopefully feed into the league.



County Report:

          Les Smith had received a lifetime achievement award from TTE for his services to Table Tennis.


          Jill Smith had also received a TTE award.


More coaches were needed.


        The County Vets (over-60s) team would now be funded, but more players were needed. Anyone interested should see Christine Williams.


        Ken Bridle had passed away; the funeral had been earlier today.



Amendments to Rules:


1) Rule 7 (b) to read:


The plastic poly ball to be used in the Gloucester Table Tennis Association and individual Tournaments shall be that officially recommended by Table Tennis England.


After discussion, it was proposed [proposer: Norman Saunders; Seconder: Richard] to amend the rule to:


The only ball to be used in the Gloucester Table Tennis Association and individual Tournaments shall be the plastic poly ball officially approved by Table Tennis England.


This was carried unanimously.



2) Brian Cullis had proposed the following rule change, seconded by Trevor:


Rule 5 (e) to read:


The winner in 3, 4 or 5 game/sets will be awarded 3 points

The loser in 5 game/sets will be awarded 2 points

The loser in 4 game/sets will be awarded 1 point


After a lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of this, the following vote was taken:


          FOR: 13

          AGAINST: 10

          ABSTENTIONS: 1


The rule change was therefore passed.


The committee will discuss the various options for calculating the individual averages.



Election of Officers:










Lee Bruton

Rob D

Brian C





Ann Barnes






Gen Secretary

Steve Parsons






Dave M.







Derek Pigott


Gary Tyndall

Minute Sec.

Richard Johnson

Welfare Officer

Steve Parsons

Match Sec.

Allan Lardner







Executive Committee: James had stood down from this role.



Any Other Business:


Norman asked whether the committee could share with the meeting its views regarding rule changes. It was explained that it was clear that proposals from the committee would have the support of the committee, and on other proposals there was often a different of views within the committee.


Clare, Janie and Jo expressed their willingness to help run the City Championships.


Dave Metcalfe wondered whether the Warner Shield should be a straight match between the winning teams in the Gloucester and the Cheltenham leagues.

It was explained that the competition was set up to allow for a mixture of abilities to be on show. The meeting was also informed of how difficult it had been this year to try to arrange the match, with players being very inflexible as to the matches they might play in.

The committee will need to discuss how the Warner Shield should be played for next year.


Rob Deeley offered to introduce a trophy for the winner of the individual averages in Division 2. This was accepted, and it was suggested that others might be willing to do the same for other divisions.


Bryn questioned whether the 5 division system was the best. It was explained that the decision as to how many divisions there were could only be made after we knew how many teams had entered the league in June.


The meeting closed at 9:47pm.

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