Gloucester Table Tennis Association

Annual General Meeting

The Farmer’s Club

Thursday 12th May 2016

7.30 pm




Committee members: Ann Barnes; Lee Bruton, Richard Johnson, Steve Parsons, Derek Pigott, Gary Tyndall


Association members: Lee Callum; Mark Damsell; Paul Daniels; Bryn Davis; Rob Deeley; Jo Duncan; Darren Griffin; Janie Kirby; Nigel Meredith; Dave Metcalfe; Bob Murray; Kevin Oxlade; Alan Perratt; Barrie Pope; Agustin Romero; Sten Salisbury; Norman Saunders; Kim Selfe; Trevor Seymour; Gordon Shaw; Ken Smith; Matthew Sproston; Andy Taylor, Chris Varley; Alan Welsh; Stewart Wheeler; Chris White; Christine Williams; Kevin Wynn



Apologies for absence: Claire Bell; Richard Comley; Dave Eaton; George Evans; Pete Humble; Allan Lardner; Lucy Parsons; Stewart Ratcliffe; David Rees



Clubs not represented: none



Introduction: Lee Bruton began by welcoming everybody to the meeting.



Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.



Matters Arising:

-       Claire Bell and Jo Duncan had successfully organized the City Championships, and were happy to do so this season

-       the Warner Shield had been cancelled

-       Rob Deeley had donated a new trophy for the outstanding player in Division 2, which has been won by Chris Ball.



Chairman’s Report:

        The season had been a successful one, with only one match not played.

The new points system had received a generally positive response.

The Junior Championships had been successful, with more novices playing.

The City Championships had been successful, although playing 170 matches had made it a long day.

The website was proving very successful.

The over 50s session at Waterwells was proving very popular.

The county coaching was also successful, and the novice coaching on Mondays (with the help of Eddie Roofe) was going well.

Lee thanked everyone for their support during this season.


A question was asked whether any over50s coaching could take place in non-work time, but this was not feasible at present. There is Table Tennis available at Frampton on Monday mornings.


General Secretary’s Report:

          3 clubs had been lost, and three new ones started, this season, with several new players.

        Many other areas had gone well; the new website (with thanks due to Gary and Allan), the new scoring system, the City Championships, and Finals Night.

        More correspondence had been received from TTE this season.

        Members were reminded that Steve was also the welfare officer; those with Juniors in the team should remind themselves of TTE’s Child Welfare Policy.



Treasurer’s Report:


The following balance sheet was presented to the meeting:


Gloucester Table Tennis Association - income/expenditure 2015/2016







Registration fees



County TTA fees












coaching expenses












City Championship



Admin expenses









Excess of expenditure



Excess of income




Bank accounts

Bank b/f




excess of income







bank c/f


Prepared by Derek Pigott - Treasurer

cost of trophies represents the season 2014/15. Final cost of 2015/16 season trophies still awaited

but will be higher than normal due to cost of replacement of two trophies. Additionally hall hire for the

 championships and finals night will be reported in next years accounts as events happened after close of

the financial period (costs partially offset by raffle income). True (ongoing) bank balance after payment of

outstanding costs likely to be circa £4700


A question was asked about what the members gained from the fees sent to the County TTA, which has c£9,500 in their bank balance. This, however, was used in various ways, for supporting junior, senior and veteran county teams, for subsidizing the County Championship, for coaching fees, and grants for new tables etc.



Match Secretary’s Report:

          Allan was away, but was pleased at how the season had gone.


          He reminded members to be careful in filling in the match scorecards.


        In response to a question, the committee would look again at whether the scorecards could be made simpler.



Coaching/Development Report:

          All aspects of the coaching were going well.


        In the National Cadet League, Gloucester (represented by Owen Havard, Jack Jones & Anna Maria Besarabova) finished 3rd out of 12 teams.


        The summer league (May-July) only attracted a slightly disappointing 12 entries this year. [It was later mentioned in AOB that none of those being coached on Thursday evenings had taken part, which was disappointing.]



County Report:

          The Len Huff Award for outstanding performance had been awarded to Olly Tyndall.


          The Ken Bridle Award had gone to Andrew Jarvis for his work in taking over Ken’s role.


        The Junior County teams would be funded up to £200 each; and the Senior and Veterans teams up to £300 each, in addition to entry fees.


        Next season the County Championships will be advertised sooner; it is likely to be on Sun Feb 5th.


Les Smith was continuing as a National Councillor, and Janie Kirby as a Deputy Councillor.


          County Coaching had improved, due, in part, to better communication.


          The AGM would be on 7th June 2016


        Norman Saunders mentioned that as the auditor he would suggest the Andrew Jarvis that the accounts might be put on line.



Amendments to Rules:


The following rule changes were proposed:


1) Rule 5c to read:


Matches shall consist of 4 sets of singles and one set of doubles. Each of the two single players shall play each of the opposing team; one set the best of five games. The singles players can pair up to play the doubles set, but if desired, players who have not participated in the singles sets may play in the doubles.


    Rule 3b to read:


Any club entering teams must register at least two players per team and each team shall de designated in alphabetical order from A, the highest, downwards.


    Rule 3c to read:


The registration fee will consist of two parts. Registration with Table Tennis England and registration with GTTA. The fee with T.T.E. will be as set out by them. The fee for GTTA will be £10 for senior players and £4 for junior players. After the first three players have been registered for a team, any additional players can be registered for half the appropriate GTTA rate, such fees to include a Handbook. A special fee- to be decided by the Committee- may be charged to non-affiliated players to allow them to take part in City local tournaments at the discretion of the Committee. The Committee has the power to reduce registration fees for specific purposes, as they see fit.


    Rule 3e iv to read:


No more than one player is allowed to play “up” per team per match.

(Proposed by Andy Taylor)


Many issues were discussed. Shorter evenings might encourage some players; but might put off others; clubs with limited access to halls would find it difficult to accommodate more teams; some leagues work well with 2-player teams, but only where everyone plays in the same hall on the same evening; it might (or in some cases might not) be more expensive per player to hire a hall for an evening; etc.


After considerable discussion the change was proposed by Andy Taylor, and seconded by Gary Tyndall.


FOR: 1






The proposed change was therefore defeated.



2) Rule 5j to read:


It is the responsibility of the home team captain to submit a scorecard. The results must be with the Match Secretary within 5 working days of the match being played. The home team will forfeit 5 points of the season’s total if a scorecard is not received within the timescale.

(Proposed by the Committee)


This should have been amended last year with the change in the scoring system, but was forgotten. In practice the rule was only applied on very rare occasions.


It was proposed by Lee Bruton, and seconded by Steve Parsons.


FOR: c24






The change was passed.



3) First paragraph of Rule 3e ii to read:


Players registered in the same club may act as a reserve for any of their teams in the same division provided that the reserve player/s has a percentage average for the season equal to or less than the highest ranked player not playing for the team on that evening.

(Proposed by the Committee)


After considerable discussion it was clear that people were interpreting this proposed change is ways unintended by the committee, and it was decided to withdraw the change without a vote, and to try to find better wording that would be less ambiguous.



Election of Officers:


Norman Saunders was unanimously re-elected as President of the Association. In giving thanks he mentioned that he had been playing in the league since 1948.


The committee was elected en bloc, proposed by Norman Saunders and seconded by Agustin Romero:








Lee Bruton















Ann Barnes

General Secretary

Steve Parsons


Derek Pigott


Gary Tyndall

Minute Secretary

Richard Johnson

Welfare Officer

Steve Parsons

Match Secretary

Allan Lardner


Executive Committee: Andy Taylor agreed to stand (proposed by Sten Salisbury and seconded by Nigel Meredith) and was elected unanimously.



Any Other Business:


Trevor Seymour mentioned that he had been encouraged by the punctuality of teams in the lower divisions.


Kevin Wynn asked whether more coaching could be provided for youngsters in the Forest. This is unlikely to happen, with the difficulty of getting appropriately qualified coaches, but it was suggested that some could practice at Rudford on Saturday evenings.


The meeting closed at 8:55 pm.


The next AGM would take place on 11th May 2017.

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