Gloucester Table Tennis Association


Minutes of the AGM meeting held at the Farmer’s Club on 11th May 2017 at 7:30pm



Committee members: Lee Bruton, Richard Johnson,  Steve Parsons, Derek Pigott, Andy Taylor, Ann Barnes

Club members: 18 present.


Apologies for absence:

Allan Lardner, Gary Tyndall, Clare McCleod, Mark Damsell



The minutes of the last AGM were accepted.


Matters Arising:

No matters arising


Chairman’s Report:

LB gave the chairman’s report. Asked for volunteers to join the committee next season. Discussion

was had regarding the structure of the league this season and proposed changes.


Secretary’s Report:

SP gave the report. Thanked Richard Johnson for his time on the committee.


Treasurer’s Report:

        DP gave the report. Some figures appeared high due to timings of accounts.


Match Secretary’s Report:

LB read out the report form AL. Stressed the need to correctly complete score cards. AL is willing

to re-stand as match secretary for another year


Coaching/Development Report:

No report as Gary has stepped down from the role.


County Report:

        LB read the county report. All championships had a poor turn out this year. Next season there will be a Junior/Cadet/Senior and Vets team. The county would like a new treasurer.



Amendment to rules:

        The following rule changes were proposed by the committee:

3d: replace ‘GTTA fees must be received by the Match Secretary…’ with ‘GTTA fees must be received by a committee member…’


        3f: replace with ‘Any player wishing to play in the league must get consent from the committee.’


        4f (added): ‘If an away team cancels a match, and the home team have to pay another hall booking fee for the rearranged match, the away team shall be liable for the payment of that fee.’


        5a: remove ‘in the League Handbook.’


        5b: replace ‘by the date in the fixture book’ with ‘by the published date.’


        5b should be renumbered 5b.i, and a new rule shall be introduced:

        5b.ii: ‘No team shall request and be granted more than 2 postponed matches per season. This does not include extreme circumstances as outlined in 5b.i’.


          If this rule change fails to be passed, an alternative will be proposed:

                5b.ii: ‘No team shall request and be granted more than 1 postponed match at a time. This does not include extreme circumstances as outlined in 5b.i’


        5f: replace with ‘Promotion and relegation each season will be determined by the committee. It will be dependent on the league structure and will be notified to clubs before the start of the season.’


All the changes were agreed except 5f. After much discussion it was agreed that 5f should be

deleted from the rules next season


Confirmation of President and Hon members:

There are no changes. Norman Saunders was more than happy to remain as President.


Election of Officers:

Chairman: Lee Bruton agreed to remain in post

Vice Chairman: Andy Taylor agreed to stand and was accepted

Hon secretary: Steve Parsons agreed to remain in post

Treasurer: Derek Pigott agreed to remain in post

Match Secretary: Alan Lardner agreed to remain in post

Press secretary: Post not filled

Development Officer: Post not filled

Minute secretary: Stewart Jones agreed to stand and was accepted

Welfare Officer: Steve Parsons agreed to remain in post


Election of executive committee:

Ann Barnes agreed to remain on the committee


Any Other Business:

The new EDF secretary is Dave Metcalfe

Hartpury College will be approached about entering a team into the league

There was a question about what the finance balance is to be used for.

Brian Cullis asked about feedback regarding the new points system

Top Cue club will be asked about joining the league



The meeting closed at 9.08pm.

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