City Handicap K.O. Tournament Rules

1. All teams will be entered as per league entry.

2. All matches will be played by the dates given in the handbook.   

3. Handicap matches will be played as a league match, i.e. three players per side, each play all, but no doubles. Each match will be four games up to 11. No two clear points, games can finish at 11-10. At the end of the match, the team scores are added up (with the handicap added) and the team with the highest number of points will be declared the winner.  If the scores are equal the team receiving the handicap will go through.  

4. The Handicap Secretary must receive the results by the Friday of the week following the match.  

5. Club secretaries will be informed of the allocated handicap for each round.  

6. The first named team in each tie shall be considered the Home Team.  

7. The Home Team shall offer their opponents a choice of two dates giving the opponents at least two weeks’ notice. Matches can be played at the Away Team’s venue or a neutral venue by mutual consent.   

8. Players can only play for the team that he/she is eligible for. Uneligible players will forfeit any points won during games played.  

9. The handicap will be set by the sub-committee in conjunction with information from the League Match Secretary as the season progresses.  

10. All enquiries and results for the Tournament to Handicap Secretary:


Please return score card to:- Janie Kirby, Netherstone Cottage, Hill Farm Lane, Tirley, Gloucestershire, GL19 4EZ



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