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 Gravesend and District Table Tennis League

Playing Rules

1 Membership and the Playing season

1.1 The League shall be open to all member clubs and shall be formed into divisions by the Executive Committee.


1.2 The playing season shall be determined by the Executive Committee


2 League conditions


2.1 A team will consist of three players although a match may be played with 1, 2 or 3 players subject to player availability.


2.2 All matches in all divisions, apart from the Development Division, shall consist of nine sets of singles and one set of doubles.  The playing format of the Development Division will be decided by the Executive Committee.


2.3 The order of play shall be as laid down on the official score card, here A, B or C is the home team and X, Y and Z the away team. Points shall be awarded on a point per set basis (i.e. a team winning a match 8-2 shall receive eight points and their opponents two)


2.4 The first game of each match shall commence no later than 7.45 pm when at least one player from each team shall be present. No player arriving after 8.30 pm shall be allowed to play in a match unless the non-offending team agree.


2.5 The home club shall notify the Hon Scores Secretary of the result of the match within four days of the playing of that match.


2.6 Matches must be played on the night of the home team within the week indicated in the fixtures list. If BOTH teams agree the match may be played (1) earlier or (2) within the same week but on a different day. In each case the home team must notify the Hon Scores Secretary of the change.


2.7 The postponement of matches will only be accepted for the following reasons: -

o   Unavailability of venue

o   Severe weather conditions


2.8 Where a match has been postponed for any other reason the offending team will be liable for a three point deduction. The Executive Committee will retain the discretion to reinstate the three points if it considers the reason given for the postponement is exceptional. All postponed matches must be re-arranged as soon as possible and advised to the Hon Scores Secretary


2.9 All scorecards must be sent via the website or posted to the scores secretary within 7 days of the match being played or a team will be penalised in accordance with playing rule 11.1



3 Expulsion


3.1 At the discretion of the Executive Committee any team failing on three occasions during the playing season to fulfil a fixture shall have its playing record expunged from the League tables and shall be withdrawn from the League for that season


4 Withdrawal


4.1 In the event of a withdrawal of a team or club from the League during the playing season its playing record shall be expunged from the League tables. No monies shall be refunded


5 Restricted Players


5.1 Any player representing any League other than the Gravesend and District Table Tennis League within Kent shall be a restricted player for the purposes of League rule 11, together with any player that the Executive Committee shall deem to be of an equivalent playing standard. A player in the latter category shall be informed by the Executive Committee that they are a restricted player.


6 Grading


6.1 Divisions shall be formed by the Executive Committee in accordance with the League rules and clubs shall nominate their normal teams and reserves.


6.2 Should any change in players or playing standards take place during the season the nominated players may be changed by the club with approval of the Executive Committee or by order of the Executive Committee


6.3 No player may play for any lower graded team than that for which they are registered. A player may play a total of three times for a team (or teams) graded higher than their own. If they play for the fourth time they shall thereafter be deemed to be registered for the team (or the lower graded of the teams) for which any of the four matches were played.


7 Eligibility


7.1 No player shall play more than the total number of fixtures against the same team in that division, except with prior permission from the opposing team. The Executive committee must be notified to confirm fair play and approve any points won.


7.2 For the purposes of eligibility a re-arranged match shall be deemed to take place on the date indicated on the fixtures list. Rating points, however, will be calculated on the date the match is actually played.


7.3 The playing of an ineligible player, or the absence of a player, will result in the award of the player’s sets to the opponents.



8 Ratings


8.1 All players ratings will be carried forward from the previous season, adjusted for the division and adjusted after each match


8.2 The ratings of new players to the League will be determined by the Executive Committee with reference to other Leagues, club information and knowledge of the player


8.3 Double rating points will be awarded for playing in tournaments organised by the League


8.4 The Executive Committee may increase or decrease rating points for a player where deemed necessary


9 Transfers


9.1 A player wishing to transfer to another club must apply to the Hon General Secretary enclosing written consent from their present club. If the Executive Committee agrees to the transfer the player must re-register with their new club forwarding a transfer fee of £1.00 and new registration form to the Hon Treasurer. Playing rules 6 and 7 will then apply.


9.2 A player will be allowed to transfer only once in a season. Transfers will not be accepted after the 31 December for the current season.


10 Complaints and Protests


10.1 All protests or complaints concerning League matches, fixtures or playing conditions must be forwarded by the Club Secretary to the Hon General Secretary who shall place such matters before the Executive Committee.


10.2 Any complaint about the conduct or behaviour of any player should be reported to the Hon General Secretary who shall place the matter before the Executive Committee.


10.3 Following a complaint received under playing rule 10.1 or 10.2 the Executive Committee shall obtain statements from all parties relevant to or witness to the incident. On receipt of the statements the Executive Committee will meet to discuss what further action, if any, is required.


10.4 The Executive Committee will consider the complaint and will either make a decision on the facts before them or call all parties to a hearing for the complaint to be considered.


10.5 The outcome of either the determination by the Committee or the hearing before the Committee will be provided to the relevant parties in writing.


10.6 All parties will have the right of appeal to the KCTTA in accordance with rule 14 of the KCTTA rules


10.7 The Committee will have the right to suspend, fine or expel players





11 Penalties


11.1 Late score cards £1.00


11.2 Failure to report a change of fixture date £1.00


11.3 Playing of an ineligible player £2.00


12 Promotion and Relegation


12.1 At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the two teams with the highest number of points in each division, other than the Premier and Development Divisions, shall be promoted and the two teams with the lowest number of points in each division, except the lowest division and the Development Division shall be relegated. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for any movements into or out of the Development Division


12.2 In the event of a tie on points, wins, draws and losses, final positions, if still equal, shall be decided by the playing of a deciding match at a neutral venue agreeable to both teams. The deciding match shall take the same format as a normal League match but the final doubles set shall not be played.


13 Playing conditions


13.1 On application for membership of the League from a new club, their venue will be inspected by members of the Executive Committee to ensure that it reaches a satisfactory standard.


13.2 The Executive Committee shall also have the power to inspect the venue of existing clubs on receipt of any formal complaint about playing conditions and request that the conditions are improved to a satisfactory standard.


14 Matters not covered in these Rules


14.1 In the event of a question or matter arising which is not provided for in the aforegoing rules, such question or matter shall be referred to the Executive Committee, whose discretion shall be final.

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