Turner Trophy 201819

The draw for the third round of the Turner Trophy is as follows.

Culv A v GRFC B

Meop A v (GRFC C or Culv B)

Please confirm with opposition manager. Home team listed first although captains can opt to play the match on any available night or venue of Week beginning Monday 21st.

Good luck


Draw Nov 2018

The draw for the second round of the Turner Trophy is as follows. Due to lateness of fixture publication teams can organise for any night or at either available venue. If they cannot be organised for Week 11 Week beginning 26th Nov then they may be played at any other mutually agreeable time before the 5th January.

GRFC B  v Meop D

Meop A v Dart

Culv A v Meop C

GRFC C v Culv B



Turner Trophy Draw Oct 2018

Home teams are first listed. Matches to be played week beginning 5th Nov. See Turner Trophy Tab for information on Handicaps and printable scorecards etc. Can both teams work to contact each other to ensure confirmation of matches although overall responsibility belongs to home team. (Contact details can be found by clicking team in 'Fixtures'.)

1 Meop G v Meop D   

2 Meop A v Meop E   


4 Meop C v Meop B 

5 Meop H v Dart

6 Culv A v Meop F

7 Meop I v GRFC B   

8 Culv B - Bye

Here is the Handicap calculator for the Turner Trophy.

Handicap Calculator Turner Trophy 2017.pdf

Below is the new scorecard to be used for the event which includes a column to enter game point totals.

Turner Trophy Scorecard 2016.pdf

Please note that there are several free apps that can be downloaded to your phone or tablets that will allow you to keep the score up to 41.

The simplest one to use is Scoreboard-Free Score Keeping on the go. Although there are lots out there. Give it a go!

Please now use rankings on 'rankings' page on the website to use for the turner trophy and use the points in the 'points' column. These will be based upon the ranking points at the beginning of the week prior to the round.

Any problems or questions regarding the new scoring system please contact Richard Nash @ richnashy@gmail.com

Please also find copy of playing rules below. New rules below. Please also note that all players should have a ranking although if there are any exceptions please contact Richard Nash.

12 Turner Trophy


12.1 Structure

12.1.1    The league will organise a handicapped team tournament called The Turner Trophy

12.1.2    All registered teams will be entered into the tournament

12.1.3    The tournament will follow a single knockout format


12.2 Draw

12.2.1    Each round will be drawn by lot

12.2.2    For each fixture drawn, the home team is the first drawn team and the second drawn team is the away team

12.2.3    Home and away teams may be switched at the discretion of the Executive Committee

12.2.4    The final will be played on neutral ground


12.3 Eligibility

12.3.1    Players are eligible once their rating no longer has a provisional status. This is normally once they have played three league matches.

12.3.2    Players can play for any other team within their club

12.3.3    Once a player has played in the tournament, they are tied to that team and cannot play for any other team in the tournament.

12.3.4    Other players will be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee


12.4 Handicaps

12.4.1    A player’s handicap group is determined by the player’s rating at the beginning of the week in which the draw is made.

12.4.2    A player’s handicap group may be altered at the discretion of the Executive Committee


12.5 Format

12.5.1    Each team will put forward three players for a fixture

12.5.2    Each match will consist of nine single matches

12.5.3    Each match will consist of two sets

12.5.4    The starting points for each set are obtained by calculating the difference between two player’s handicap groups and referencing this difference in the starting points table, with the lower ranked player starting on the higher score

12.4.5    Service will change when the aggregate score is divisible by five

12.5.6    A set is won when a player reaches the maximum score: it does not have to be won by two clear points

12.5.7    Apart from scoring and service change all normal playing rules apply

12.5.8    After each match, sets won are added to their team’s running total

12.5.9    The winners are the team with the highest sets won total after all nine matches have been played

12.5.10  In the event of a tie the team who have scored the most individual points will be deemed the winners. Points need only be calculated in the event of the tie.

12.5.11  In the event of a further tie the team will nominate one player for a single deciding set in the same format



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