GHTTC A retain CDTTL Premier Division Title

Great Horkesley A; the inaugural champions of the Colchester & District Premier League in 2013-14; remain the only ever holders of this title with another superb performance in season 2014-15.

The A Team comprising of Richard Hutchinson (72.41%); Paul Broxton (72.41%); Colin Bennett (66.67%), Richard Goodhand (80.77%); Jake Collins (88.24%) and Captain, Michael Wright (62.96%), never dropped below third place and held the top spot for 15 weeks with 16 victories and a draw from its 18 fixtures. The player averages (shown in brackets) illustrate the strength in depth of this remarkably consistent team.

In Division Two; GHTTC Team D deservedly captured promotion after being denied it in the previous season only by a rule technicality. Despite a long term injury to stalwart Pete Witton (80.95%), regulars Steve Holland (86.79%) and Colin Brown (40.43%) kept churning out sufficient points whilst ably assisted by a number of others ‘playing up’. Evidence of improving player quality at GHTTC is reinforced by it having three teams in Division One next season and so many able players in Division Two that can step up to the table and positively contribute whenever required.

Other GHTTC teams put in creditable performances. In Division One, GHTTC Team C comfortably ended mid table. In Division Two; GHTTC E that had been promoted in  the previous season; initially found it tough and spent a discouraging 15 out of 18 weeks in the relegation zone; largely due to ‘games in hand’. But as these fixtures unwound; four victories and a draw in the last five matches saw them soar clear of danger. Unfortunately; teams GHTTC B (Premier) and our regular yo-yo team GHTTC F (Two) were relegated, but there is a silver lining in this. Next season the club will have teams in all five CDTTL Divisions and that complete ‘ladder’ should better enable us to meet the aspirations of new and developing members. In summary, a decent season and a good platform has been set for 2015-16 in our new venue.

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