KNOCKOUT 2016-17

QUARTER FINAL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DATE                   VENUE                HOME TEAM           H/C     AWAY TEAM                   H/C        RESULT

TBA                      CLEE FIELDS       WWW . AN                            GREENHORNS UTD      70          343-379

SEMI-FINAL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DATE                    VENUE                HOME TEAM           H/C     AWAY TEAM                   H/C        RESULT

TBA                       CLEE FIELDS      YOUNG ONES          200     CLEE SPORTS C                             336-378

TBA                       CLEE FIELDS      WOLDS TT CLUB                  GREENHORNS UTD     

ROUND THREE DRAW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DATE                   VENUE                HOME TEAM           H/C     AWAY TEAM                   H/C        RESULT

TBA                       KEELBY              KEELBY TT                 185      CLEE SPTS C                                 347 - 378 

TBA                       CLEE FIELDS     GREENHORNS OB                 WOLDS TT CLUB            75        Wolds Win By 15

TBA                       CLEE FIELDS     GREENHORNS UTD               DC PLASTERING             65        373 - 332

TBA                       CLEE FIELDS      NALGO B                                YOUNG ONES                255      372 - 431

BYE                        WWW . AN   


ROUND TWO RESULTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DATE                    VENUE                   HOME TEAM              H/C     AWAY TEAM                   H/C        RESULT

MON 05/12                                         DC PLASTERING                    BYE

MON 05/12         CLEE FIELDS          YOUNG ONES             55       KEELBY CC                                      368-359              

TBC                      CLEE FIELDS          CLEE SPORTS B OR               GREENHORNS UTD         180         378-381

MON 05/12         KEELBY                   KEELBY TT                  285     UNTOUCHABLES                             384-378

TUES 06/12         CLEE FIELDS           THB                              90      GREENHORNS OB                           THB CONCEDE

WED 07/12          CLEE FIELDS           CLEE SPORTS C                     GRANDLADS                     170         372-364

WED 07/12          CLEE FIELDS           CLEE SPORTS E          70       WOLDS TT                                         355-358

WED 07/12           CLEE FIELDS           W W W .AN                            KINGSWAY PRINTERS       90          373-338

WED 07/12           CLEE FIELDS           NALGO B                                NEMESIS                             20         356-299 


Matches will consist of nine rubbers. Each team of three players will play the opposing three players 

For the purpose of this competition, each rubber will consist of two rubbers only

Each game to end when a player reaches 21 points (no deuce)

Old scoring rules apply in this competition only (ie change serve after each 5 points)

All teams have been handicapped on their top three eligible registered players, except: Bob Bartlett (Grandlads) and Brian Todd (Youngones) who are excluded from the competition.

Rearranged matches must be played within two weeks of the original date wherever possible.

Please inform the Match Administrator if there are any problems with the fixtures. The knockout committee will be responsible for resolving any disputes.

Normal administration rules apply otherwise.      









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