6th December 2016 Match Reports

Unfortunately, this weeks match between Cwmbran Blues and YMCA Preachers, the top two sides in Division One of the Eastern Valley Table Tennis League, was postponed. This gave the other teams an opportunity to gain ground.

Cwmbran Aztecs beat Cwmbran Colts 23-8, who were strengthened by the inclusion of late replacement David Lloyd, borrowed from the Preachers. However, despite Lloyd winning two of his matches the overall strength of the Aztecs prevailed with player of the match Tony Collins winning his three matches. There were also two wins each for Collins' teammates Mark Edmunds and Andrew Ryder, including good wins over the higher ranked Mathew Pearce.

David Lloyd was a busy man this week as he also helped out the Bristol Nomads team in their win over Blaenavon Aces by 21-8 and picked up the player of the match award with three wins. The win for the Nomads may have been bigger had not Colin Price, returning to table tennis after a five year absence, sustained an injury in his last match and had to concede. The Nomads' Ian Maggs with his three wins only just lost out on the player of the match award.

In Division Two, Cwmbran Panthers had their lead cut to one point despite their latest win over Cwmbran Devils 25-13. Despite the margin of the win this match was very competitive with only one game being won in straight sets with the Devils losing 3 matches in 5th set deciders. Player of the match was the Panthers' Mike Blatchford with his 3 wins and he was well supported by Howard Gaut and Yuri Cherkasenko with 3 and 2 wins respectively. For the Devils Stan Williams picked up their only win, over the higher ranked Cherkasenko and Colin Scott battled well for his 5 points.

Cwmbran Dynamos did their best to overall the leaders in their 27-3 win over North Gwent Cougars. The Dynamos' Alex Jones picked up the player of the match award for his 3 wins, closely followed by his teammates Richard Lownsbrough with 3 wins and Will Smith-Haddon, who should be congratulated on winning all his matches for the first time in his career. For the Cougars Iestyn Howells battle bravely to secure all his teams points.

The final match in Division Two saw an exciting tussle between Cwmbran Eccentrics and Cwmbran Fellows with the Eccentrics gaining a close 18-16 win. The Fellows could not quite overcome the absence of Wayne Ford who was having a 'trial' in Division One. The Eccentrics were indebted to Lincoln Alford who with 3 wins picked up the player of the match award and Matthew Powell with his 2 wins. For the Fellows Chris Thomas played well for his 2 wins and his only defeat came in 5 sets to Alford.




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