27th November 2018 Match Reports

 Following this weeks matches in the Eastern Valley Table Tennis League, Cwmbran Aztecs continue to lead Division One. This was despite losing 18-20 to Cwmbran Blues to suffer their second successive loss of the season. The Blues were indebted to Mark Farrow whose three wins secured the player of the match and included a good win over the Aztecs' Tony Collins. Farrow was well supported by David D Lloyd and Colin Price with a win each. For the Aztecs Mark Edmunds' two wins included a good result over Lloyd and there were also two wins for Collins.

The other match in Division One saw  YMCA Preachers secure a very tight 17-16 win over Cardiff Nomads. For the Preachers there were two wins each for Ray Goulding and Dave Lloyd and a win for Eric Turner. However, they could not overcome the Nomads' Jack Fletcher who secured the player of the match award. 

 This week in Division Two saw Cwmbran Eccentrics establish a six point lead with a 25-9 win over Cwmbran Panthers. Once again the Eccentrics' John Thomas was the player of the match with three wins and he was well supported by Ian Shipley also with three wins and guest player Stan Williams with one win. For the Panthers there were single wins for Howard Gaut and Sunam Rai, however, they were both good wins over the higher ranked Williams.

Still maintaining a good challenge for the second division title are North Gwent Cougars who kept up the pressure on the Eccentrics with a 19-11 win over Cwmbran Fellows. There were two wins each for the Cougars' Michel Policht, Sam Slatter and Jon Deacon. However, they could not overcome the Fellows' player of the match Wayne Ford.

The final match in division two saw Cwmbran Dynamos overcome Cwmbran Lions 23-11 to remain in third place. Once again the Dynamos' Alex Jones was player of the match with his three wins and was well supported by Richard Lownsbrough also with three wins and Will Smith-Haddon with one win. For the Lions there single wins each for John Williams and Haydn Skinner, although they were over the higher ranked Smith-Haddon.

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