26th November 2019 Match Reports

 Following this weeks matches in Division One of the Eastern Valley Table Tennis League, Cwmbran Preachers moved to the top of the Division. They took advantage of the previous leaders, Cwmbran Aztecs, having a bye week. In their latest match the Preachers defeated Cardiff Nomads 24-15 with Dave Lloyd picking up the player of the match award with 3 wins. Lloyd was well supported by Claire Flannagan, also with 3 wins and Eric Turner with 1 win. For the Nomads there was 1 win each for Peter Gordon and Geoff Strangeway.

Second place in Division One is still currently held by Blaenavon Aces after their 20-14 win over Cwmbran Tigers.  The Aces had to heavily rely on 2 guest players, one of whom, Jozef Sujanec, collected the player of the match with 3 wins. The other guest player, Mark Edmunds picked up 2 wins. For the Tigers there were 2 wins for Jeraze Dhanbhoora, including a good win over the higher ranked Mark Edmunds. Michal Luckanic and Jane Reeks picked up a win each.

The final match in the Division saw Cwmbran Blues beat North Gwent Cougars 23-10 with Jozef Sujanec picking up his second player of the match on a busy night for him. There were also 2 wins each for guest players John Thomas and Roshan Rai. For the Cougars, Laura Price fought well for her 2 wins.

As in the First Division, the previous leaders of Division Two, Cwmbran Eccentrics, had a bye week. Cwmbran Dynamos took advantage to take over top spot but only after a very tight 19-18 win over the much strengthened bottom side, North Gwent Terriers. The Dynamos won despite winning a minority of matches with Alex Jones picking up 2 wins and Richard Lownsbrough and Will Smith-Haddon 1 win. For the Cougars, player of the match was Michal Policht with 3 wins and he was well supported by Rhys Fidler with 2 wins and 8 team points.

Moving into second place in the Division are Cwmbran Lions following their 19-12 win over Cwmbran Devils. Player of the match was Nigel Gore with 3 wins and he was well supported by Haydn Skinner, also with 3 wins. For the Devils there were single wins each for Stan Williams, Glenda Prytherch and Finley McNeil.

The final match in the Second Division saw Cwmbran Fellows, fielding a full team of guest players, defeat Cwmbran Panthers 21-16. One of the guests, Lincoln Alford, picked up the player of the match award with his 3 wins. He was well supported by Will Haddon-Smith with 2 wins and Damian Luckanic with 1 win. For the Panthers Yuri Cherkasenko won 2 matches and Howard Gaut 1 match.


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