Observer 17-10-14

With the new season almost upon us in the Hastings & District Table Tennis League, Division 2 looks intensely competitive, with most teams fine-tuning their squads over the summer.

Hollington E have brought in Ryan Heselden, after his success in Division 3 last year, to join brother Bradley, Dave Watters and new signing Alan Britt from Saints.

Trevor Towner and Cameron Jones have left Tigers for Bexhill, where they will join John Bradbury, another former Saint.

Numerically at least, the Division will be dominated by Tackleway, who have four teams and look to have spread their playing strength between the teams. Kevin McEwan has moved from Willett & Phillips to Tackleway F and James Gorridge will be a useful acquisition.

For Saints D, John Wond has moved to First Division Saints C and is replaced by Barrie Fletcher.  NALGO A and Tigers B are unchanged, as are Bexhill D who could surprise a few teams this year. 

With the Division expanding to 12 teams, Monarchs, who finished bottom last year, have gained a reprieve and avoided relegation.

Division 3 also has the full quota of teams, with Tigers and Hollington providing three each. Champions Willett & Phillips will stay in the Division, having lost their top player, Kevin McEwan.

Hollington F, led by Ken Philcox and Jimmy Pyle and Saints E (Derek Brown and Claire Bridges) should expect to be in the running, along with Willett & Phillips and Bexhill F.

Meanwhile Hollington H will field three players stepping up from the Junior League in Ryan Demeza, Yasar Akar and Kieran Gibbs.

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