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With the new season imminent in the Hastings & District Table Tennis League,

Division 2 should produce a fiercely competitive season with no obvious favourite for the title.

Normally, relegated sides are favoured to bounce back to the top Division and this may well apply to Bexhill D, led by John Bradbury, but they will lose former Over 60 champion Brian Beaney until at least December.

Tackleway D should be in contention, with Keith Lindsay joining Alan Blackman and Owen Hatter, as should Tackleway E with Dave Wilson and Peter Wilson. Both teams may find resources stretched when they need to call on reserves.

Kevin Barry makes a return for Hollington Academy D and will be a hard player to beat in this Division.

The break up of the relegated Tigers team means that the former B team are now Tigers A and have added Dave Mitchell to their line up.

Hollington A, Hollington B, Bexhill F and NALGO A are all unchanged from last season, with the youthful Hollington B side gaining a reprieve after finishing in last place last season.

Of the promoted sides, Monarchs A will bring in Sue Paice for Peter Harding while Bexhill H are unchanged.


Division 3 has the usual mix of old hands, juniors and players new to the league.

On paper, the Saints C team relegated from Division 2 could be favourites with Paulette Clarke, Claire Bridges and Clive Drew-Clifton in their ranks.

The former Saints team led by Neil Pankhurst have relocated to Hollington and will play as Hollington D.

Hollington E will have an all-junior side with the Akar brothers joined by Sussex Schools Under-13 champion Sacha Ward.

Another junior to step up to the senior league is Tristan Hyland who will play at Bexhill I.

Hyland’s rival from the junior league, Zac Allen, has been playing senior league for a few years now and he moves from Hollington to Tackleway G as does Keith Young.

Monarchs have stretched their resources to a B team, which includes Stuart Pattenden from Tigers.

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